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  • Justin - 2014 Ram 1500 Crew Cab

    Fit my vehicle perfectly. A little high-priced but not really higher than its real competitors. Will buy for my next vehicle!

  • Earl & Jax - good exhaust, very good performance and sound

    great sounding exhaust, made bike run great, little dissapointed because of color change after running it. but not a deal breaker. I also used the patriot tuner before starting it. After getting it all put on and tuned the bike will run neck and neck with a almost stock 103" motor now, where as before i would just get left at the line. The bike really sounds good now, loud but not a cop caller:)

  • Daniel J Dickman MD - Works well

    I was able to use this to transfer my failing hard drive wo a new solid-state drive. Problem is that it is always running in the background and I can't reboot my computer if needed in less that about 2 minutes as it shuts down. I have been looking through the settings, but can't figure out how to disable this feature. Still it made the transfer much easier than expected.

  • Peter G. Keen - but it looks like Asus is corner-cutting on quality

    Junk. Note how many 1 ratings it gets and so many different reasons. I returned mine two days and three repair visits to the store. Initially, unreliable wifi connection, then complete inability to connect, with the system reverting to airplane mode and wifi off regardless of settings, reboot, diagnostics. Other Asus machine buyers report the same problem which is supposedly solved by updating drivers but you have to get on the internet so you can get the drivers that will let you get on the internet. Awful, awful. Flimsy construction, which is ok for a low cost notebook, but it looks like Asus is corner-cutting on quality.

  • corini - Like epoxy, only easier and more waterproof

    I actually bought this to seal the bottom of my outdoor cedar chair legs before painting it. Was going to use epoxy, but this is simpler and it's waterproof. It's done a great job. Don't have to worry about the chair sitting in water puddles or splintering when dragging it around. Have repaired some loose chairs with it. Don't care for the foaming effect though. It's a brittle, hard drying glue, not flexible. So remember that if your gluing up wood that needs to flex a lot, like laminating. Does what it says it does for what I used it on. Can't complain about that.