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  • Amazon fan - 13 year old tested and approved

    The sole reason for my interest in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus was to keep my thirteen-year-old son away from the Adobe Premiere Pro editing software on the workstation in my office. He is a skateboarder and has recently began filming his "antics" with a GoPro and now wants to create a DVD to show his friends. Needless to say, this software was a perfect fit for him. He managed to cut together a pretty decent forty minute semi professional looking film complete with a rocking soundtrack (supplied by Rancid and Blink 182 - I am expecting the cease and desist letter from their attorneys to arrive any minute now), opening title sequence, captions and end credits. Most surprisingly, because of the simple directions the expected, "Hey, Dad! I need help!" was never heard. He is now working on a few more DVDs with some of his friends' footage and he is having a blast doing it. So far, clear sailing, no technical issues or glitches to plague him. At his enthusiastic behest, I gave this editing software five stars, not because I think it is on the same level as Premiere Pro, but for the price and simplicity of use you really can't go wrong.

  • Kaye Cook - A always a great read.......

    I love Virgil, Lucas.....all the characters in theses books. This one was harder to get into because of the concept. Once I got far enough, it was a pleasure.

  • Whaza1 - Great Budget Graphic Card

    This review is from: ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 460 4GB OC Edition AMD Gaming Graphics Card with DP 1.4 HDMI 2.0 (STRIX-RX460-O4G-GAMING

  • abiliza - Baseball Card Lover

    This is a great set of baseball cards. My son and my niece love these sets. Each year, every player on the team is highlighted. We have sets for the last 5 years!

  • Robert J. Plumlee - Zero Customer Support

    I purchased Sage Act 2012 and have never been able to get the program to interact appropriately with Windows 7 Pro. I repeatedly get a message that SQL processes are not functional specifically MSSQL$ACT7 Service unavailable. When I called "Customer Service I was informed that for a fee of $289 I could purchase product support. First: Why do I need to buy products support when the program is defective? Second: The Technical Support is, to quote Sage, "Provided by third party vendors and Sage Software extends no warranty as to the quality or effectiveness of the service provided"

  • Witz - Works well on freshly soiled carpet, but the application method is inefficient

    I've only had to use this on freshly piddle, pooped, and vomited messes on a thick shag-like carpet. The color of the urine is immediately removed on the fresh urine. To apply the product, you open the cap, pull the inside cap open, and pour. The pour isn't terribly fast, but I feel like I'm using more of this product than necessary because of the pour method that it uses. I might get a spray head to attach to the bottle so I don't use as much. The product does have a slight smell, but it is not strong or off-putting.