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Drug and Alcohol Rehab | Substance Abuse Treatment Center | Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington, and Columbus - Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers offer substance abuse and drug/alcohol addiction treatment in Columbus, OH and Asheville, Raleigh, Wilmington and Charlotte, NC.

  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/substance-abuse-treatment-center/testimonials/ Testimonials - Drug + Alcohol Rehab | Charlotte NC | Columbus OH | Raleigh | Asheville | Wilmington - We're changing lives by freeing individuals and their families from addiction. We North Carolina and Ohio's premier substance abuse treatment centers.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/contacts/ Substance Abuse Treatment | Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte, NC & Columbus, OH - Columbus, OH and Asheville, Raleigh, and Charlotte, NC's top choice for substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery. Holistic, you-focused, and proven.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/rehabilitation-treatment-programs/ Alcohol and Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment in Charlotte NC - Alcohol and drug rehab can be daunting. That's why we make recovery from substance abuse as tangible, fun and relaxing as possible. We get real results.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/family-programs-for-substance-abuse/ Family Programs for Substance Abuse - Drug + Alcohol Rehab | Charlotte NC | Columbus OH | Raleigh | Asheville | Wilmington - Our family programs for substance abuse are designed around your family's specific needs. We learn about your situation and develop a program around you.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/adolescents/ Teens and Adolescents - Drug + Alcohol Rehab | Charlotte NC | Columbus OH | Raleigh | Asheville | Wilmington - Looking for help for your teen or adolescent? Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs are designed around their specific needs.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/admissions/ Admissions | The Premier Charlotte NC Substance Abuse Treatment Center - Asking for help and trusting someone with your story is hard. We're the best substance abuse treatment center for a reason. It's personal to us as well!
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/substance-abuse-treatment-center/ Life at Our Substance Abuse Treatment Center | Charlotte NC Rehab - Substance abuse and addiction doesn't have to control your life. Our Charlotte, NC substance abuse treatment center offers a holistic approach to recovery.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/asheville-rehab/ Asheville Rehab Center | Holistic Alcohol-Drug Treatment - Our holistic approach to recovery from substance abuse will change your life. Visit our Asheville rehab center to regain your sobriety once and for all.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/charlotte-rehab/ Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment at our Charlotte Rehab Center - Legacy Freedom is THE way to change your outlook on life. Our holistic and proven methods have made our Charlotte rehab center #1 in Western North Carolina.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/columbus-rehab/ Holistic Alcohol-Drug Treatment | Columbus Rehab Center - Our holistic approach to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is changing lives. Visit our Columbus rehab center in Ohio to recovery once and for all.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/greensboro-rehab/ Greensboro Rehab Center | Holistic Drug + Alcohol Treatment - Legacy Freedom offers the best drug and alcohol treatment in North Carolina. Our Greensboro rehab center offers holistic treatment for addiction. 
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/raleigh-rehab/ Substance Abuse Treatment in Raleigh NC | Drug & Alcohol - Legacy Freedom is the Triangle's best holistic rehab program. Need outpatient substance abuse treatment in Raleigh NC? We've got your covered. Call now.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/wilmington-rehab/ Wilmington Rehab Center | Holistic Alcohol-Drug Treatment - Our holistic approach to recovery from substance abuse will change your life. Visit our Wilmington rehab center to regain your sobriety once and for all.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/methadone-suboxone-treatments/ Facts About Methadone and Suboxone Treatments - Are you curious about methadone and suboxone? Do you know the truth? For more information about these drugs and other forms of treatment, contact us.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/substance-abuse-counselors-charlotte-nc/ Hear from Our Substance Abuse Counselors and Leaders - Our substance abuse counselors and leaders are second to none in the recovery and rehab field. We specialize in creating relationships that last a lifetime.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/substance-abuse-treatment-center/archives/ Blogs | Substance Abuse Treatment | Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbus - Are you looking for more information about substance abuse treatment in the Raleigh, Charlotte, or Columbus areas? Then check out our blog archives.
  • http://www.legacyfreedom.com/meet-our-staff/ Substance Abuse Counselors in North Carolina and Ohio - Our substance abuse counselors are ready to help you. We serve Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Wilmington, NC and Columbus, OH.

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  • BJ welch - Good stuff

    Just ordered for third time. Worked once before for a friend and also worked once for myself. Hopefully this third time ends in another success

  • Amazon Customer - Great book

    Really enjoyed reading about Nicole's journey. What a life she has built for herself and her boys!! Could not put the book down,

  • Dorothea Taylor - Not happy with it at all.

    Bought it with the special BOGO offer. Got it in then got sick. I tried it when I felt better and could not get it to work like they say it will on TV. Took 30 minutes to cook 4 boiled eggs. Followed the instructions. Tried to send it back but was informed that since I had used it and it was over 30 days since I purchased it, they would not take it back. Very expensive lesson for me to learn. Trying to sell it now but no one wants one. Guess the word got out. For those it works good for, you are very lucky.

  • JbBeatle - Excellent game and in my top 3 favorite Lego games ...

    Excellent game and in my top 3 favorite Lego games ever. The missions are bite sized perfect for the handheld and this game really looks and plays great. I wouldn't call it ground breaking at all..there's really nothing at all new here (for Lego game fans or anyone else)- but this game looks awesome on the 3ds and it's just fun to play. It is GTA like concerning "missions" (except you're a cop) and car stealing...but this is cute. And all the vehicles do each handle a little differently so that adds some fun to it. The plot and story line is cleaver and silly so I would think adults and kids would get different experiences with it. I recommend it to anyone who likes Lego games or just really well done good games. It doesn't take too long to beat it but I would imagine it would take quite awhile to 100 percent it. Riding around on pigs is ridiculously fun too for some reason. It's a pretty vast free roam for a handheld game....certainly worth the money and lots of replay value. I also have Lego City Undercover Wii U....that is a great game too.