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  • T.W. - Exceptional Read

    So often readers get so completely caught up in the life and stories about Henry VIii, they don't go any farther back. This book provides an in depth look at how the House of Tudor began. It is fill of historically accurate people and stories. It was truly entertaining and enlightening to more fully understand the beginning or the Tudor Régime.. Very well written. Highly recommended.

  • Chloe Bird - Good Product, Great Price!

    I am a lip gloss junky; I will try anything so I have found a lot of duds! However, I love a product! It is super shiny, with just a tint of color (the gold looks great over lip stain, but alone is a little Ziggy Stardust, however, the pink looks great over a stain or alone) While it is shiny, it is not sticky like a lot of glosses or plumpers. This product also lacks the funny smell and taste that a lot of plumpers and glosses have. Now, the burn is a factor here-- it starts a few seconds after application and offers a sting-- but it is not as bad as some I have tried. The plump is also not a great as some other I have tried, but the plumping is visible and last for a while. Over I love it as a gloss and it is a passable plumper (hence the 4 stars, instead of 5). I will buy the product again as the price is great and the shipping was very fast.

  • mhughes - Great product

    Started using this foundation primer about a year ago and saw the results immediately. It goes on smooth and feels good. My foundation stays on evenly and throughout the day. Of all the products of Laura Mercier that I use, this is by far the best! I recommend it.

  • tintinaujapon - Fascinating Clinical Insight into the Mind of a Full-Blown Nutjob

    This is a hilarious and subversive ditty written entirely from the perspective of a completely sociopathic scared little white man clinging to an imagined past world in which everyone had their place and conducted their lives in a way that reinforced his privilege, status and elitist beliefs. The author has achieved an incredible feat of climbing inside such an albeit narrow mind and speaking as if seriously holding these ridiculous 18th century views. This is a tour de force of farce. If it weren't a spoof, you wouldn't believe that someone could actually put these words down on paper and try and sell them. Bravo Mr Bernardi.

  • David McNally - Great piece of tech, will get better with time.

    The XBOX One is a great piece of Tech. I'm loving the media features, telling your TV what to do and having it do it is simply one of the best things.