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  • Wild Thing Foodie - chefs and passion equals inspiriation

    I stopped buying Lucky Peach with the Apocolypse issue, No. 6. And decided to try it again with this issue. The omelet (french, vietnamese, japanese) section is worth the price. But the real gems are the raw and honest interviews of chefs - celebrities to hole- in the walls - but all connected with their passion of the food they are serving. A great relief from "food porn" of monthly food mags. Also, the extra little book of stories: from how Mongols ate to a chef protecting his restaurants from suicide bombers in Somalia. Also like the new types of illustrations in this issue. I will be buying more copies of this issue and giving them as gifts to anyone thinking of entering the chef/food industry and to friends who are struggling in that industry, but still passionate about it. Thank you Lucky Peach publishers!

  • Lawrence thompson - Best Out There

    Best Roach spray out there bye a mile. you must try it today or you will be sorry and your family will leave you.

  • Lynn - Toyota Highlander Back seat liner doesn't fit

    Ordering and shipping process was fine on their web site (.ca in Canada). For Toyota Highlander the front seat and cargo liners are nice - back seat liner doesn't fit. DON'T buy it, not worth the money. Funny for a company that advertises "laser" fit. Front and cargo work well.

  • ILuvAmazon1!! - Great case and great value

    Great case which easily fits 2 credit cards and a couple bucks. I looked all over for something like this and am glad I found this one. Only downside is that it adds a little bulk particularly for the 7 Plus which is already a large phone. Can be a little heavy when going to the gym or jogging since there is some metal in it and it would be nice if you could detach the wallet portion if not required but overall a great case which works very well. The metal back is perfect for magnetic car dashboard mounts.

  • C Silva - I have been using sweet sweat for some time now

    I have been using sweet sweat for some time now, and I absolutely love the extra sweat it gives me during my workouts. I definitely feel like I put in work when I am drenched at the end of my workouts! Especially when I work upper body, I love to see the sweat on my arms!

  • ANON007 - smells heavenly!!

    The smell is heavenly, Almost good enough to eat!! It also works as a good scrub and I think its helping to even out my skin. I will purchase again in the future

  • Amazon Customer - It's a great book!

    I saw on an earlier post that this book resembles king hall so I read that book first because the series is complete and this one is unfinished. Saying these two books are the same is like saying tomatoes and strawberries are the same fruit. Both are red, both have seeds, both are fruit, but they are very different also. I loved this book and recommend very much that people who love paranormal books read it. And Jaymin, I an anxiously awaiting book two!