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  • http://www.lisaallegrarealestate.com/listing/mlsid/153/propertyid/09352255/ 611 36TH Street, DOWNERS GROVE, IL 60515 - Listing #: 09352255 - 4 bed, 4.1 bath, 3,559 sq. ft. Single Family at 611 36TH Street, , in DOWNERS GROVE, IL 60515 for sale for $950,000 - Resale/New - MLS#: 09352255 (Area: Downers Grove) - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
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    love this game! so much fun! only down side is you only get a few songs and you gave to pay if you want all the new songs.

  • Dennis A. Widman - Sorry Game

    We got the Sorry game for our grandkids. They are pretty young for it now, but their parents will have it to play when they are ready. It is a great game that we feel every family should have available to play.

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    I decided to try this out after seeing the review in PC magazine. Its very fast and doesn't appear to slow down my PC or Laptop. It actually found a virus on my laptop that my previous antivirus software didn't catch. So far, I am very happy with its performance. This is maybe the first antivirus that I've used that runs the way I want it too. In the background without bothering me, keeping my PC/laptop safe without slowing them down.

  • Hokie115 - Like other reviews here this machine is just plain awesome.

    Seems like we buy a new vacuum every 3 years. When the old one died we went with this one based on all the positive reviews. Received today and here are my observations:

  • Ceersucker - He names names in the lyrics

    If you listen to the lyrics carefully especially in Go 4 It he practically tells you who the Hollywood pedophiles are. It's a very Hamlet way of doing it. It took him ten years to make this because writing confessions in code is difficult and time consuming.

  • swissarmygirl - Works amazingly well

    Since I put this stuff around, I am only seeing dead / dying roaches. Actually it's kind of funny. A few of them have staggered out of hiding straight to me, as if to ask me to put them out of their misery. Knowing exactly how hard it is to kill a roach, I'm impressed.