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Liverpool Health Partners - Working together to build a world-class, academic centre for health and science - LHP is a strategic partnership of 10 primary and secondary care NHS organisations, the University of Liverpool and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, working together to deliver excellence in research, education and service delivery across Cheshire and Merseyside.

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  • Jerome H. Gitomer - It works

    Before I tried Wet and Forget I tried rubbing and scrubbing, but for all my rubbing and scrubbing the mold wouldn't budge.

  • BetaLyrae - If you like the "dandruff-look" and smell of cheap deodorant.....

    This product is extremely disappointing due to small lumps throughout the cream, almost bead-like (as in exfoliating creams), which when applied to your hair look like dandruff flakes. It also has a very obnoxious odor, like cheap deodorant, which will overpower any cologne. Just terrible, not even worth $6.75, I tossed it!

  • Nozama - My hair only grows fast with this product!

    I am black with very very tight coiled hair in my crown, 4 months ago it was 1 cm long because of harsh chemicals, that was a wake up call. Now it is almost 5 inches long, this stuff is great and in the back of my head my hair has grew to 7 inches. Theres a lot of misconception in the black community that you need to cut off all of your hair & start over or slap some stuff on your head to get it growing. When in reality most of the fight is inside the body. I have also been taking iron pills, and vitamin D. because deficiency in those things can also cause slow growth.

  • Stephanie P. - The organizer is nice to have but the cupholder lacks support and doesn't ...

    The organizer is nice to have but the cupholder lacks support and doesn't allow for larger size cups. Additionally, the cup cannot be too full or liquid will spill as it tips slightly due to the product design. Love UppaBaby but hope they redesign this product soon!

  • fantaztika - IT WORKS!

    I bought this for home maintenance after treating my cat. It smells great, you do not need a whole ton so don't go crazy wasting half a bottle on your first use! I found what works best is to vacuum first and then lightly spray the room (rugs, around air vents, dark corners, under/behind furniture). If you spray too much, it can get a little unbearable and the spices will surely clear your sinuses. I have a short haired cat, and I spray this stuff on a paper towel and then rub top of her head and middle of her back. Within 48 hours we were back to a non-flea home!