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Lumie Clear - Lumie Clear is a red and blue light therapy for acne that provides a safe, gentle treatment for acne and an alternative to antibiotics.

  • http://www.lumieclearskin.co.uk/what-is-acne/ What is acne? | LumieClearSkin - Acne is caused by a bacteria that feeds on sebum deep in the pores of your skin.
  • http://www.lumieclearskin.co.uk/what-is-light-therapy/ What is light therapy? | LumieClearSkin - Light therapy has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin and kill the bacteria that cause acne
  • http://www.lumieclearskin.co.uk/what-is-light-therapy/using-lumie-clear/#Testimonials Using Lumie Clear | LumieClearSkin - After several weeks of daily use, many people find their skin is completely clear. If that’s the case, you can skip a few days and see what happens; if you feel
  • http://www.lumieclearskin.co.uk/treatment-for-acne/frequently-asked-questions-about-acne-treatment-with-light-therapy/ Questions about acne treatment with light therapy | LumieClearSkin - When will I see an improvement in my skin with Lumie Clear, the best light therapy for acne treatment.
  • http://www.lumieclearskin.co.uk/what-is-light-therapy/benefits-of-light-therapy-for-acne/ Benefits of light therapy for acne | LumieClearSkin - Light therapy is the best acne treatment as it is safe, effective, has no side-effects and improves the appearance of skin in a few weeks
  • http://www.lumieclearskin.co.uk/what-is-light-therapy/light-therapy-research/ Light therapy research | LumieClearSkin - Light therapy research has found the blue light therapy for acne is most effective when combined with red light therapy for acne.
  • http://www.lumieclearskin.co.uk/what-is-light-therapy/blue-light-acne-treatment/ Blue light acne treatment | LumieClearSkin - Blue light acne treatment, a combination of blue and red light as used by Lumie Clear, has been clinically proven to be the most effective treatment for acne.
  • http://www.lumieclearskin.co.uk/see-the-difference/ See the Difference Challenge | LumieClearSkin - Take the See the Difference Challenge and be skin confident in 12 weeks - what have you got to lose but your spots?
  • http://www.lumieclearskin.co.uk/see-the-difference/challengers/amy/ See the Difference Challenger Amy | LumieClearSkin - Be skin confident in 12 weeks by taking part in our ‘See the Difference Challenge’

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  • Chris B. - Garbage.

    Do not buy this. When I installed the ball feeder I realized that I didn't line it up right. When I tried to fix it it cracked into a dozen pieces. They really need to put more thought into the design of this product.

  • Hurst - Great for baby-fine hair

    I have baby fine hair which easily falls out of bobby pins or hair bands. It took me many different hairsprays to realize that I needed a hairspray that not just helped keep my hair in one spot but also did not weigh it down or make it crunchy, like all the rest did. Several years ago, I began using this and I haven't looked back. I have found my hairspray! This works great for me.