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Luna Living – Addiction Recovery Center and Mental Health Therapy - Luna Living is an Addiction Recovery Center in Cleveland, OH specializing in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction.

  • http://www.lunaliving.org/specialties/addiction/ Addiction – Personalized Addiction Therapy & Treatment Center in Ohio - Luna Living treats drug & alcohol disorder as a physical disease first! The physical and medical addictions vary person to person and have a major impact on treatment results.
  • http://www.lunaliving.org/specialties/ Our Specialties Treatment Center in Ohio - Luna Living’s Quantum Brain Cleanse Detox and Rejuvenation protocols deliver high doses of highly nutritious amino acids and adequate fluids at a time. Once the underlying cause can be addressed, healing begins to occur.
  • http://www.lunaliving.org/specialties/anti-aging/ Anti Aging – Get Therapy Center & Treatment in Ohio - Medical care is more important for Anti-aging treatment! Physical exercise is proposed as a highly effective means of treating and preventing.
  • http://www.lunaliving.org/treatments/medical-detox-and-iv-nad-therapy/ Detox and Rejuvenation – Alcohol Detox Treatment Program - Detox And Rejuvenation treatments help you regain your health and vitality by helping eliminate toxins. A therapeutic goal is to enable your body to increase the efficacy of the detoxification process and improve your health.

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  • Amazon Customer - this product sucks. It will not work

    I Used the three step Ultra Clean system. Did not work. I failed the test. DONT trust the 5 star reviews on this product. I did and I regret it. I'm currently contemplating suing Zydot for false advertising. The product says it is a "deep cleanser" but really it only possesses chemicals that will mask the THC. Which hasn't worked since 2006!...ANYWAYS, this product sucks. It will not work. You literally have to Fry your hair to pass a Hair Follicle test. Guess it's time I clean up.. Hope this helps a smoker in need..

  • James Q. Smith - Only if you must

    If you are a current Quicken user faced with a forced upgrade, version 2010 is better than at least, 2007. upgrade only when necessary. My upgrades this decade were in 2004 and 2007.

  • Roxy - One of the two products I will only use under my eyes because it works on sensitive skin

    Only product I will use under my eyes. I don't even use the department store, but this one does not bother my sensitive skin, and it works fantastic. I follow up with a #3 Dr. Murad sunscreen product (the orange colored bottle). Works great. Have reordered many times.