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Lunglaid - Health And Wellness - Lunglaid™ is a safe, naturally-based medical food emulsion for use only under medical supervision for dietary management to promote leukotriene homeostasis in patents with asthma.

  • http://www.lunglaid.net/about.html Lunglaid : About - Lunglaid™ began with research on GLA at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in the laboratory of Dr. Ski Chilton. The formulated product was tested in subjects with asthma and was demonstrated to reduce asthma symptoms and improve asthma-related quality of life.
  • http://www.lunglaid.net/clinical-facts.html Lunglaid - Asthma Treatment - There's more to Lunglaid than just great taste. See why Lunglaid may be the safe, naturally-based option for managing your child's asthma symptoms.
  • http://www.lunglaid.net/clinical-studies.html Clinical Studies - Lunglaid clinical studies show reduced leukotriene levels, reduced coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath, and improved quality of life. Adverse reactions were also not significantly different from placebo.
  • http://www.lunglaid.net/events.html Lunglaid - Events, Event Calendar - Check out our event calendar and sign up for free webinars to learn more about medical foods and how Lunglaid can help reduce asthma symptoms and improve quality of life.
  • http://www.lunglaid.net/how-to-order.html How to Order - Try Lunglaid for yourself and see the difference a safe, naturally-based option can make vs. traditional drug therapy for managing asthma symptoms. Call 985-801-0800 today.

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  • krahn - Great purchase.

    Great price. Works well and doesn't leak. Install was doable but challanging for a DIY install. Saved me over $300 to DIY.

  • Alexis Thaw-Kaufman - A Bit Underwhelmed...

    We have mixed reviews on the purple mattress here. I'll preface by saying both my husband and I REALLY wanted to love love love it.

  • Judge J Drhedd - The best in the series (past four years)

    I was buying all the books in this 'nonrequired' series that are on bargain here at Amazon, and have skimmed through at least four of these collections. I was intending to wait for this to go at 60%, until I saw it in a local bookstore and was immediately captivated by the two short comics included this year. The first one, entitled The Imaginist, alone is worth the price. And then there's another short gem called The Art of Steal, which details a story of a thief a la Toulour of Ocean's 12. 3rd place goes to the bounty hunter story, which is also great when listened to (look for the episode in the The American Life podcast)

  • Ellen Oliver - Great product

    Got this for my daughter after she had her twin girls - her hair was falling out and this shampoo really made a significant difference

  • Al McC. - Purchased for CAMARO and WORKS!

    Yes, it works on my V6 Camaro - specifically 2015 1LT. I have the Dual-Mode Performance Exhaust (aka NPP) on my car and everything is 100% factory OEM. So far this has worked perfectly for my Camaro despite the fact that the instructions that come with the module state C6 Vettes and Camaro ZL1. I see there are a number of questions out there wondering if this specific product will work on the Camaro - I took the chance after closely examining the product picture and reading "Corvette / Camaro" knowing that Amazon refunds are fantastic (especially for incorrectly pictured items). I put together a video of the product, install, and exhaust note changes that can be found here: youtu.be/q294wVNEsMg. Very easy install in my opinion HOWEVER the instructions read like they were written by a high schooler so beware interpretation may be necessary (or just watch my install vid).

  • N. M. Towne - Absolutely Magical

    OMG this product is magical!! This Poo-Pourri spray has literally solved all of my life problems. I don't know how I lived without this product for so long. I was skeptical...after trying several different things (Febreze, candles, Lysol spray, etc.), I wasn't convinced this would work. But four of us share one bathroom and since our Poo-Pourri spray arrived, I haven't had even a whiff of anything unpleasant whatsoever. NOTHING. NADA. Trust me, there was a time when I dreaded certain people going into the bathroom and would shut my bedroom door and begin opening windows, light a couple candles and say some prayers. No more! Poo-Pourri does everything it says it does. Other sprays or room deodorizers don't even compare to Poo-Pourri. Those sprays simply add a chemical flowery stink to an already stinky room. Poo-Pourri completely removes any trace of an unpleasant smell and leaves an ever so slight lovely aroma behind and that's it. Nothing else. It's not overpowering or chemical smelling. It's adorably packaged and looks cute in our bathroom. We've had it for a few weeks now and it's barely made a dent in the bottle...so it will definitely last a while. I don't care who you are, you need this in your life.