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Home - Mamba Mix is a revolutionary monitor mix system designed for In-Ear Monitoring (IEM). Mamba Mix gives each musician on stage unprecedented control of their own monitor mix using state of the art DSP technology and innovative design.

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  • not one ounce of truth all bent on making a fast buck - not one ounce of truth all bent on making a fast buck

    The cover indicates that the therapy is scientifically proven. All the work has been done in mice and worms with regard to extending life span. The only widely accepted positive data regarding humans is its short term use in frail older men to increase their muscle mass and decrease rate of falls. There is no attempt at addresing its side effects such as organ enlargement and dysfunction and the greatest problem.. the potential for potentiating aggressive cancers!

  • Martie - Cleared up film on windshield immediately.

    Bought a used car, and it had this terrible film on the inside of the windshield. Barely saw anything through it when the sun glared.

  • MDdude - Used Crest Strips & toothpaste. Gave up for years until this product.

    I already used Crest White strips or whatever and they left my teeth so sensitive. So I gave up. I just used the whitening toothpaste and that seemed to be doing okay. My teeth were never yellow. Just the normal white or ivory color. My mom recently got her teeth whitened professionally and they looked great! So she bothered me about my teeth being white.

  • Lisita - Not too happy with clear case

    I bought the clear case because I purchased the new jet black iPhone 7plus & didn't want the color covered up by the case. But have since discovered that the clear case was not the best choice for one very big reason; dark clothing causes dye transfer to the clear silicone edges on the case that won't clean off. I've only had the case a week & the edges now have a blue & pinkish tint to it from a pair of dark jeans & red t-shirt I've worn this week. So if you often put you phone in your back pockets like I do, I wouldn't get the clear case.

  • M. Calderon - Side Effects are not worth it to me...

    Ok side effects mentioned on the box are like can cause a rash, dizzines, burning scalp, upset stomach, acne, headaches. It even mentioned causing a faster than usual heart beat and or chest pains which still didn't stop me from using this product. With in a week of using this product I was experiencing cold sweats at night, extreme tiredness and sleepyness. At the same time I experienced some sexual disfunction to eventually full erectile disfunction. I gave my doctor a call and he told me that there is a very small 2 percent chance this can happen, which is why he never told me when he recomended I used Minoxidil for my hair loss. I immediately stopped using this product and guess what, cold sweats became less prominent and my manhood returned. So since I came here first to read the reviews which is why I bought this product it is only best I submit a review of my experience with this product. Please keep this in mind I wish I had read this before I used it.