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  • Danny_Ball - Completely disappointed with the batch of Uranium Ore i recieved

    Completely disappointed with the batch of Uranium Ore i recieved. Took one spoonful and 15 seconds later i had a terrible allergic reaction. My heart rate rose dramatically, I broke out in the most heinous green rash and developed such a high level of aggression and swoll up greatly to the point my clothes ripped :/ would not recommend (unless your into that kind of stuff)

  • Russell - Superior to the " Bucket & Mop! "

    Anyone who really wants to clean a floor know that after the rag or mop is returned to the bucket after the first " wipe " you are dealing with contamination. I used to employ a method of using TWO buckets- one with soapy water and the other with clear water. I would rinse the rag or mop in the clear water before returning it to the other bucket. That was somewhat better, but again, one is returning a certain amount of the " dirty " water to the bucket and for all intents and purposes your attempts at cleaning the floor have utterly failed. The floormate retrieves the " dirty " water into the lower tank. There is no mixing of " clean " and " dirty."

  • Marianne - The idea is great but the execution

    The idea is great but the execution....not so much. I'm on my 4th (I think) Flex after they all had battery issues. I will give it to fitbit for the great customer service AT FIRST but now...nothing. I guess they are so overwhelmed with other dissatified customers they can't see straight. The replacement unit they sent me this time lasted maybe 2 months before it died. SO frustrating. Until they get the issue fixed I'd steer clear of this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Bloated and Constipated

    Horrible product! It "don't" work and man the abdominal pain from being bloated and constipated kept me up all night the last time I took it. Save your money, this product is a no, no.

  • Amazon Customer - Great replacement for ZNP bar

    I found this online by searching for the ZNP bar. It was a great bar that worked for me years ago, and I have yet to find a good replacement until now. The bar is oderless, lathers (most don't seem to), and I love that it has oatmeal in it. Great bar and the trial pack is worth the price.

  • Mia Wallace - Very nice! I have used Gaiam mats in the past ...

    Very nice! I have used Gaiam mats in the past but this one is bigger and thicker. It makes a huge difference. I find practicing so much more comfortable, especially when poses involve having my knees on the mat.