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  • Reluctant Reader - Don't be a fool. Read this book.

    I wish a book like this had been around 38 years ago when my marriage began. I plan on giving a copy to both my sons. I've always been completely mystified by the workings of my wife's heart, but her unpredictable, seemingly completely whimsical responses to me over the years are pretty well explained in this book, allowing me to finally exert some control over them. This book is the "enigma machine" for marriage, and a damn good investment.

  • Tommy - Perfect color laser printer

    Very nice printer. Very compact. Very sharp, vivid printing and bright colors. Uses very little ink. It is supposed to go for a year before refilling ink tanks, we'll see. My wife is a teacher and prints a lot of stuff at home so we have to see what the ink usage is for us. There are many repeated warnings not to let the ink run out as that is not good for the printer and its parts. The ink bottles are inexpensive compared to other printers with ink cartridges and there is less waste. Very easy to hook up to your WiFi network to allow multiple computers to use it. A very good choice for a color laser printer. Highly recommended.

  • StephenFong - Why Instructor's resources?!

    I am a mechanical engineer who's also interested in programming. I came across this book and thought I finally could elevate my knowledge in Visual Basic. But as I read into it, I found that this book raises questions during the text and ask you to solve those questions in the "programming challenge" section. I wanted know the answer but the only way is to get the answer from the "Instructor's Resources". Well, I am not an instructor, I am not taking classes so I am not "cheating" the exam. Why should I be stuck in the middle of nowhere, just because Pearson assumes everyone reading this book is either a student or an instructor????

  • jedijay - Not fake, same as store bought and cheaper on here is a win

    Frist off, theses are not "fake" Pamper diapers as many reviews state. They come in a authentic Pampers box, are the exact same as store bought and even have rewards code on them. I'm pretty sure the company Pampers would already be investigating if someone was using the Pampers name illegally, especially being sold on a major online retailer like Amazon. They may have changed the design but I'm not sure since I'm fairly new to the diaper world being a new father of twin boys.