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  • TheNotoriousMOM - Effective. Bizarre. You'll molt like a snake, and then your feet will be crazy smooth.

    These are amazing. They're effective. They are the weirdest, longest pedicure process I've ever undergone. It took several days for the peeling to begin. After I applied the booties, the skin on my feet felt "tight", as if my skin was no longer big enough for my feet, until it started peeling. And then once it starts peeling...ooh, boy. You do not want to go anywhere where your bare feet will be visible. The peeling process is a slow process, taking up to a full week. If you get a good strip to start loosening up, go ahead and peel it. It's oddly gratifying to remove sheets of dead skin. Just be cautious to not be overly aggressive with peeling. Don't peel where it's not clearly loose and easy to lift. The layer of skin under the dead skin needs to toughen up just a bit before it's exposed. If you peel too aggressively, you will make yourself a tender foot and be limping around a day or so! (Ask my husband about his experience with this!) The soles of my feet came off in almost one big piece. It was half gross/half fascinating. They WORK. My feet weren't excessively gross or scaly, but it took 2 treatments, 2 weeks apart to get them really soft. My husband's feet were stereotypical gross man-feet with thick, crusty turtle-shell like man-leather for soles. His crazy thick skin took 3 treatments, 2 weeks apart to get nice and soft. Maintain with a good foot cream with lactic acid in it after your peeling is complete. We like the O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet, conveniently also sold here on Amazon!

  • David Cornejo - Excellent coverage for an older house

    We have a lot of connected devices in our house, but there was no easy way to get WiFi throughout the large two story house. Running wires everywhere is hard because it was a rental, so I had ugly wires running inside the house and still had some areas of bad coverage. With Orbi I have removed all the wires, the few wired devices in entertainment center use the convenient Ethernet ports on the satellite and the coverage is excellent throughout the house.

  • Richard - Just arrived today...

    I have tried pepper creams with burn sensation, and sports creams, and got no pain relief.... so I must admit that I was a skeptic!

  • Cobangrrl - Perfect Pinch Asian Seasoning

    I make most all of my stir-fries with fresh garlic, ginger and other spices, but have had an ongoing situation where I needed stir fry but often no ginger and no fresh garlic on hand. Asian Perfect Pinch fit the role. I prep onions, carrots, mushroom, broccoli, celery and other veggies, and fry them up--add a good heap of the seasoning which I vary to taste, a splash of broth and soyu. Steam for a minute or so and voila I have a quick side dish for whatever from scratch main meal that I spent much more time on.

  • Dr. Amazon - Simply The BEST

    This lubricant is simply the BEST!!! It penetrates, de-oxidizes, protects against new oxidation and increases its lubricity with use!