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  • LuluBell - This makes a beautiful gift.

    I have been enjoying my set of Gardinesca Therapeutic Essential Oils greatly . This is a set of 6 of the most common of the aroma therapy oils. These oils are all in 10 mill brown bottles and are 100% pure and of a Therapeutic Grade. I found the oils in my set to be strong and I had no reason to doubt their claim of purity. This is one of the most attractively boxed sets I have ever see,. The box, the print, the labels all play a part in this beautiful packaging. These are the things I look for when I am shopping for a treat for myself or a gift for a friend. This product earns nothing less then the 5 stars that I am giving it not only for its quality but for the beauty of its presentation . I am 100% happy with my set of oils! * I received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review*

  • Mike - Great Show

    Great Show,good energy stellar performance. The camera captures almost all the musical highlights of their performance. From guitar solos to Lzzys vocal high points to Arjays kick ass drumming . Its all there One of the best live performances captured on video I have seen in a while

  • Damiana MacCrone - It had the potential to be great, but this book was written so poorly that ...

    It had the potential to be great, but this book was written so poorly that I had a difficult time understanding what the author was trying to convey moat of the time. I found myself having to reread sections carefully to determine what happened since sentence structure and tone were so poorly organized. Couldn't get through half of it, and I'm pretty disappointed. :/

  • bruce goldberg - Big Rip-off

    Not only did the product not work but the free trial of Pure Garcinia and the Slim Cleanse had enough for a 30 day trial. After 12 days they charged my account $80 & $90 respectively before the trial ended and refuses to refund my money. I was not going to continue and I was ging to send back what was left because it was worthless. DO NOT buy this product