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  • John M. Thompson - Enough to make a groan man cry...

    If you've ever seen the movie "Dumb and Dumber" then you're familiar with the scene where Lloyd surrepticiously doses Harry with something called "Turbo-Lax". I have experienced this exact agony after ingesting a serving of these toxic taste treats. Extremely painful intestinal spasms, followed by massive, explosive flatulence, followed by the harrowing ordeal of all my entrails trying to escape at once from my body through my corn chute. As I sat on the commode in mortal agony, my body attempting to turn itself inside out in a cloud of noxious fumes, the kids outside the bathroom door laughing and screaming "Mom, Dad pooped himself!", "I think Daddy's having a heart attack!", my wife pounding on the door, shouting "Are you alright? ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!", the dogs barking furiously at the commotion - my single clear thought, there is still half-a-bag left...

  • John Horton - Swarovski 2013 Annual Edition Crystal Star Ornament

    I give this to my wifw each year. We now have15-20 on our tree. Each one isspectacular, including this one, and each is different. They complement the other ornaments nicely, especially when the reflect and deflect the tree lights..

  • Mountaineer1019 - Seems to work OK but not worth the hassle.

    My wife made me start using this, and she claimed it was helping. However, I had a few issues with it and eventually switched to a Monoxidil 5% liquid dropper rather than the foam. First, the cannisters themselves have a plastic top and tend to break, preventing the foam from coming out (sometimes with more Rogaine clearly in the bottle). This happened twice to two of my bottles. Second, the foam does eventually dry on your head but it leaves it very sticky, or at least much more sticky than the liquid. Finally, it stinks! Literally.

  • Tracey - Having buyers remorse

    So I was a little obsessed with buying a lightweight stroller. I drove myself insane reading reviews and going to a local store to test these out. This is my first child so I was nervous about spending another $200 bucks on yet another item for the babe that will only last a short time. So I was really impressed by the way this stroller easily folded and locked by just picking up the strap. It also impressed me how easily it erected once you get it unlocked. Unfortunately, I didn't put enough stock into being able to erect totally it with one hand. That is not possible with this stroller. Now that I've had it for a month, I realize that there is no way to get this thing set-up using one hand. It has become a problem for me multiple times. At the doctor, got the babe in one arm and cannot, for the life of me, get the stoller to unlock with one hand and yank it up. The problem is that the lock works great but you have to be holding it while unfolding it. I think it is my only complaint but a big one. I wouldn't buy this again because of it.

  • Brian C. - So Much Easier To Use

    My son took a course last trimester in High School on Home Design and got into it big time. He was always excited to show us and his relatives his latest house plans he had drawn. He even drew his Uncle's Cabin from memory and gave him a copy of the plans. This last Christmas We bought him a program for his laptop in hopes that he would spend more time doing something constructive instead of playing HALO all the time. The High School had been using the top of the line version of Home Designer but I bought the HGTV version for him for Christmas. It was not very user friendly, hard to use and had an instruction manual about 300 pages thick. We got a refund. Ordered the Hime Designer Suite here on Amazon and now I'm even getting into this! Very easy to use and a lot of fun! Highly recommend it.

  • Alberto - Great book for beginners

    I was not so enthusiastic about Microsoft Access until I started reading the book. I needed to adapt to new times, since I was a user of Clipper long time ago. But Access always seemed to be hermetic and with a complicated and intrincated way to program. It was like a new and hard begin. However, after listening to some friends I decided to get into the matter and decided I would have a book to teach me something new. This Missing Manual fullfilled my expectations. The book is really well written and leads the reader to various forms of using Access. It certainly rises the wish to discover the capabilities of the software and explore them. I surely recommend it to beginners like me. Those who need to take a look deep inside programming techniques shoul not consider this book. For those who are mortals like me and just need to be a experienced user it is THE answer.

  • Paul Sullivan - No longer works with my iPhone.

    This product worked great with both my iPhone 4 and my iPad until recently. Now it only works with my iPad. When I dock my iPhone, I get a message that the iPhone will not work with this accessory. Not sure why this is but it is very frustrating. I was thinking of buying the scale that iHealth sells but now I won't.