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Nar-Anon Eastern Pennsylvania Region - We will carry the message of hope to those affected by the addiction of someone near to them. We do this by making information available through this website. We carry the message of hope by letting others know that they are not alone; by practicing the Twelve Steps of Nar-Anon; and by changing our own attitudes.

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  • C. Dedmon - Completely Useless on Hard Surfaces

    One wonders exactly *what* was going through the heads of these designers. They're sitting down to make a vacuum, something designed to pull things IN to it. But somehow they think, "We'll put a fan blowing things AWAY from the vacuum in front!". It staggers the imagination. Only a committee could have come up with this.

  • Marty - Excelletn 2016 revision

    Works much like prior versions of True Image. Use the options button which is at the bottom of the opening screen to turn off all the cloud crap if you do not want that stuff (I don't), and to set up your scheduled backups. Also, I went into Windows Start up and turn off(disable) all the Acronis stuff that wants to load at start up (most programs do this, Acronis is not alone at this annoying feature).

  • Linda Kay Kofoed - Beware

    I received .50 oz super revitalizing serum (do not see it pictured even) and got charged $89.85 without being able to easily see I was "signed up" for monthly shipments! Cannot afford this rip off.

  • Joseph E Miller - Cheap and easy fix for dishwasher that wouldn't drain

    Cheap and easy fix for dishwasher that wouldn't drain. Local GE dealer couldn't identify the part at first, didn't have any in stock, then wanted $40+ to have one shipped. Dishwasher works great now.

  • thunfisch - PES 2013 is much better!

    Since "Momentum" and "Scripting" in FIFA annoyed me too much, I decided to switch to PES. Naturally I started with PES 14 and I got very disappointed. The gameplay is very awkward. It's hardly possible to controll your players well and to build up a good offensive or defensive play. There are many flaws which sum up to a big disappointment and prevent enjoying the game at all.

  • Suzanne Michalski - A must have for Wiccans and pagans! Be warned ...

    A must have for Wiccans and pagans! Be warned, Mercury is going to be in retrograde for extended periods several times next year...