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  • Shana - 6 Weeks For Acne and So Far So Good

    I started this 6 weeks ago along with spironolactone 25mg for acne. So far it may be helping because my acne has really improved. My dermatologist is really impressed. Haven't had much stomach upset but I try to take it with food everyday. Note I am only taking 3 caps/day.

  • LeeS - His love affair with violent Islam shows that he cares little ...

    This book tries to give a balanced view to the current Islamic issue and debunk some of the myths trotted out to support Islamic violence. It's always correct violence when they do it but incorrect if anyone else does it. Basically, the current Islamic movement is nothing more than a religious arm of a political movement making it little different than the bogey men it seeks to destroy. No, wait; Obama doesn't want to destroy America, does he? His love affair with violent Islam shows that he cares little for truth, balance or even fairness. He is pushing a social agenda that has roots as far back as the French Revolution and has failed every time is was attempted, violently. He has perfected the art of pushing this agenda nonviolently and is succeeding to such an extent that the America we knew when he took office will no longer exist when he leaves office. He has accomplished his goals because of the faithful true believers who know little of American or world history.

  • cody morrison - very fine, bleached

    A MUST HAVE! It lasts forever!! Works all day!! Other products don't even come close. It's a thicker liquid with characteristics of a wax/pomade. I have shoulder length, very fine, bleached, damaged, blonde hair. I wash my hair about 3 times a week. I blow dry my hair until it's mostly dry, slightly damp, and use less than 1 pump all over my hair, then blow dry it for another minute. It also works really well on perfectly dry hair, too, run a little through the ends and brush. Doesn't do much for really wet hair when you blow dry, works best on damp and dry hair, mid-way through blow drying. it's light but waxy so it seals my straw-like ends, softens my frizzy hair, and lasts all day! I think the point of this product and the reason for it's texture is to weigh down your hair a little bit to smooth it and seal any dead ends and frizz. It's really magical. I wouldn't say it makes my hair greasy/oily shiny but since it seals my frizz, it looks healthier. Not greasy on the hair at all. This has literally lasted me over 9 months, probably a year now. Rusk makes a similar product but I still go back to this one. Would definitely pay double this price.

  • Amazon Customer - A must read for all married Christians. I take ...

    A must read for all married Christians. I take that back, a married couple. As a young married woman, my husband and I have been through a lot. I did a lot of praying, even thought, of divorce, but after reading this book, i have learned so much and understand so much more. Thank You Dr. Evans.

  • Amazon Customer - Works perfect. Already alerted me twice to a bad condition

    Works perfect. Already alerted me twice to a bad condition. Saved my cats life. I'm a full time RVer in Florida.