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Protective treatment for Frequent Heartburn - Nexium Control - Your life is disrupted by frequent heartburn, preventing you from sleeping, eating and drinking the things you like? Nexium Control can help!

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  • RollWave - Product was expired

    The package I received had the expiration date on the box completely scratched off. Upon opening, I saw that the expiration date imprinted on the bottom of the bottle said July 2010. I ordered and received the item in September 2011, so it had expired over a year ago. I have heard good things about this product, but I highly recommend you buy it at a local drug store or somewhere that you can inspect the package first. Its likely that this online retailer has a crate full of these from 3 years ago and is still trying to offload them.

  • Mandy M - As Advertised

    I just received this product today and I have to say I am delighted. It works exactly as advertised. Make sure you have the correct angle for most efficient hair removal. It feels a little cheap but it was! I got what I expected and would recommend this product at $10.

  • S. Gast - Used it twice ...

    OK, bit early to review this but I've used it twice, I use the Biosilk and was wondering IF this was any better and to be honest, they are both as good as each other! Would recommend this (alcohol free) and the Biosilk (does contain alcohol) but as stated, both make your hair feel silky soft especially with the use of a flat iron (I recommend a Solia flat iron).

  • Amazon Customer - Music sucks!

    The game is ok. My kids love it but the music sucks. Only 2 good songs. The rest of the songs are really old. It's the 21st century no one wants to hear this old garbage. "Hit the the road jack". Is this a game for 2016 or an old school jam mixtape?

  • SharonM - I'm mad I did do get it sooner...

    I've had a 2015 Ford Explorer in since September. I was very surprised and disappointed when I pulled into my garage and it didn't fit because of the antenna. I've had larger SUV's with no problem. I found the stubby antenna on Amazon last week. It took me about 3 seconds to install. It works great and my kids and I aren't freezing every morning and warming up the car for twenty minutes. I'm so mad I didn't get it sooner.

  • William - Don't get frustrated at first if it doesn't work.

    Download was easy after we uninstalled the other anti-virus. So if you get an error message that says "error unable to install" message this is why. Once the old anti-virus is uninstalled it will work as advertised. Its a great price compared to other site i looked at.