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  • Silverbust - slinky crystal radio

    Winding the tuning coil was critical and ridiculously hard to do. Assembly of the cheap parts (toilet paper roll) and single plastic folding form was tough to get to stay fixed once assembled. Never got the radio to work although it did pick up some static.

  • A. Chen - difficult to open

    the footpeddle is impossible to step on to open the stroller all the way and lock in place ... everytime I step down on it the front of the stroller goes up so I get no leverage.. hated this stroller because of that.

  • Franky - It does smell terrible right out of the bottle so make sure you ...

    This should last you a lifetime if you have a reasonable amount of tanks (what is "reasonable" is what my wife would ask :D ). One capful will de chlorinate 55 gallon so you can kind of guess how much you need whether it is a 10 or 100 gallon tank. Just a few drops is normally what I need and it doesn't bother my fish, shrimp or turtle. It does smell terrible right out of the bottle so make sure you don't spill it!

  • TH in SOT - Works as expected

    Installed myself, with some struggle (even though I got a plastic tool kits for opening auto panels), but it saved some bucks. The latch seems solid and probably will last longer than the original latch.

  • Sarah - I love this stuff

    This product is great! I have been using this for years for my bikini area and it is the only thing I can find (and I have tried A LOT) that actually keeps ingrown hairs and razor bumps from popping up. This product will last me several months even with me using it nearly everyday.

  • Lee A. Bartholomew - For those who dislike VCI Entertainment....

    It's not VCI.!!!!! VCI has a stranglehold on this movie and not for the better. And the feel of this Canadian release feel as in looks. :P like it should be sitting next to the books with it's off green color hue. and no Fake color anywhere. I had the misfortune several years ago sending in one of their dvds that wouldn't work (dvd rot? it does exist) Naturally they sent it back in the case lose !!! scratched to hell. No way I'd be ever able to play that again even with skip doctor. if Echo Bridge can spit out so so movies good. But VCI can also spit out bad disks too. :( Then sent me the b/w disc of a 2 disc set . But thats the last time I'll buy from them.

  • M. Thomas - Really did NOT work for my hair.

    After using Matrix Biolage for a long time I decided to try this. I found it didn't lather well and left my hair dry, coarse feeling, and lifeless. The matching conditioner is a thin yellow texture and made my hair feel weighed down almost greasy. I've never seen anything like these products. I actually bought mine at a hair salon (so I know it's "real") but was so taken aback by how horribly they left my hair I decided to give feedback here. My hair is fine and generally straight but I have a lot of hair. After a little over a week of using Matrix again and my hair is starting to look and feel like I expect it to: soft, shiny, full, great movement.