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  • http://www.nvma.us/news North Valley Medical Association » News - $12 Million Reasons to be an NVMA / CMA Member, CMA applauds Gov. Jerry Brown for signing a sweeping series of tobacco bills., Vaccines and Senate Bill 277 - Fact vs. myth, CMA creates new resource summarizing Medicare incentive and penalty programs, How to dispute incorrect Sunshine Act data before it goes public, Medical board urges physicians to use online license renewal for fastest processing, California among six states that pay the least for Medicaid beneficiaries, CMA files brief in case that could undermine MICRA's definition, Physicians can review Sunshine Act data starting July 14, 2014, Free webinar: Meaningful use public health measures, Blue Shield breach affects California Doctors, Are your controlled substance prescription pads up-to-date?, Covered CA Outreach and Education for Providers
  • http://www.nvma.us/news/2016/05/cma-applauds-gov-jerry-brown-for-signing-a-sweeping-series-of-tobacco-bills North Valley Medical Association » CMA applauds Gov. Jerry Brown for signing a sweeping series of tobacco bills. | News - CMA applauds Governor Jerry Brown for siging a sweeping series of tobacco bills. 
  • http://www.nvma.us/news/2015/01/cma-creates-new-resource-summarizing-medicare-incentive-and-penalty-programs North Valley Medical Association » CMA creates new resource summarizing Medicare incentive and penalty programs | News - CMA creates new resource summarizing Medicare incentive and penalty programsOver the past few years, Congress has created a number of programs that call for payment incentives and reductions (referred to as “adjustments” by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) that impact physicians and their practices. At their inception, most of these programs offered an incentive to participate. However, most of the programs are entering their penalty phases, with complex and potentially conflicting requirements and implementation processes.To help physicians understand how these programs will affect their practices, the California Medical Association (CMA) has created a new resource, “Medicare Incentive and Penalty Programs: What physicians need to know.” The resource is available free to CMA members in the resource library at http://www.cmanet.org/resource-library.

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  • Haleraiser86 - Would recommend giving this a try

    So I wasn't sure about this scrub when I opened it. It is just basically just the the salt scrub and not a cream or anything. It feels like salt and oils. It definitely smells like coconut, but I like the coconut smell in this. After using it, it does leave the skin nice and soft!

  • Lissette Chao - Great knives

    Got this for my 19-year old cousin who just moved in to her very first apartment. Haven't seen these myself since she lives in another state, but she swears these are amazing knives! She also enjoyed the bonus cheese knife, said it made her feel "fancy," haha. She had been using a very cheap knife prior to this as her only sharp instrument in the kitchen (or at the table for that matter), so her judgment may have been swayed by using an extremely poor knife prior to having these, but she says her boyfriend was able to independently verify that these are a great set of knives. Very reasonable price for this quality of set. I'm considering getting a set for myself (since my current 10-year set is rusted and barely cuts any more)!

  • KatDj - great for dark hair

    I was shocked at how well this works. The beeping sound is a bit annoying, especially when you have dogs and they get curious at the sound every time it indicates that it's ready for the 'zap'. So far I've refilled the cartilage once. I used it on my arms, legs, bikini, and underarms. It works best on bikini, underarms and a some areas on my legs. The key is that the hair needs to be dark. My arms, and certain parts on my legs are very light, so it didn't work there. However, I currently don't have any hair on my underarms which is amazing! I use it ~2 times a week and the results really are great. I only used it on the lowest setting. The hair on my bikini is very faint and less and less is coming back. It's wonderful. The hardest part is keeping track of where you've used the laser on before. You have to shave the area and then use the laser. The best thing is to work in grid pattern. I laser the area, then wait an hour or so, run errands, whatever, and then I do it again. It's a bit expensive, but it's cheaper than going for 1 session at any laser place. I recommend it.

  • Ivan Trejo - This item arrived on time and it was in good condition. I have been using this item and ...

    This item arrived on time and it was in good condition. I have been using this item and I don't have any problems with it. I am satisfied with this item and I am looking forward to purchasing more items in the future. Thank you.

  • Average Joe - Infinite possibilities

    I just received this today. I think the product is excellent. I made some music on Garage Band before and I like this more. It's very complex and it will take me a while to learn it, but the different variations are vast. The price is incredible for what you get. My brother has Logic Pro for Mac and I think he spent around $600 for it years ago. For $100 you can't beat it. I'm very excited to start making music on this.

  • filmgeek47 - Dated

    This book proved useful for brushing up on common writing mistakes; Some of its recommendations felt antiquated, while others tended to apply more to British English.

  • Janel Sneed - Looking to lose weight get this product. Dont expect ...

    Looking to lose weight get this product. Dont expect to eat mcdonalds and use this product you wont see results! I stopped eating fast food for a year still didn't lose weight then I continued to eat clean and take the pills, it's been 4 months and I've lost 30lbs maybe if I exercised with it I could lose more :)