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  • Awdsyco - If I can give it 6 stars.

    My 99 Honda Civic has 215K miles with oil diarrhea from crank and rear main seals, thick with black dirt collected over the years under the transmission and engine oil pan. To replace the seals, mechanic wants $500 so what I got to lose with $10 sealer. Drained and replaced 100% full synthetic oil so additives will remove all the gunk, at the same time poured in this 8 ounce bottle to the crank case along with the oil.

  • monet - No I don't work for Shredz

    I used this product for one month along with coffee bean and garcinia cambogia and lost 19lbs. Once I added shredz to my regiment I had clean energy all day. No jitters or burning in my chest or my skin feeling like it was on fire. Lol. Sorry for laughing but readying the reviews on here is what made me right a review because I didnt experience any of the side affects people were claiming to have. Anywho...I only used the burner pill and I love the affects it had. It really got me through my 30 min jump rope sessions. I did make the mistake of taking it at night time cause I had missed my lunch pill, even though the bottle say not to..big no no... I was up all night cleaning because I didn't know what to do with all the energy I had. Which reminds me... I am a person that takes a nap daily... Not on these bad boys..I can try to nap but I won't be able to close my eyes. Great 💊

  • P.A.S. - Unless your kid really loves Harry the Bunny like mine does skip this product and go straight for ...

    I bought one and my parents bought another one both from Amazon for my boy's first birthday party and neither of them work. I've had products not work before, but never two of the same product fail. No instructions, no phone number, no contact information. All this for a $30! Unless your kid really loves Harry the Bunny like mine does skip this product and go straight for that little puppy they sell in the stores that you can try before you buy.

  • webby2000 - Great Product....

    It takes a long time for your nails to grow out, but keep using this product diligently morning and night. It works wonders...my nails have not looked this good in years! My podiatrist recommended this product and said it was the only one that really worked and he was right! Try it...you will not be sorry. It is worth every penny.

  • Pfynn - Poker Straight Hair? No problem..

    I have very straight, fine hair and the first hint of humidity and it goes flat. While bemoaning this fact in Florida a friend let me borrow some of hers. A little bit was all it took and I had a new hairdo. Everyone loved my new 'cut' when all I did was rub some into my palms and into my hair. Now I can get my hair to remain styled throughout the day. In fact, I wake up with a great look and can go without washing and styling if I am in a pinch...something I can't do with my hair. I started buying their other products as a result.

  • Ginny Stokes-Young - Another great story by me Kyle

    Another alien race has lost most of its females and learns that Earth's women are good mates for their males.

  • Mary cole - Great storyy

    This is a story about two sisters, one went to prison for what her sister had done. When she got out of prison she returned to find her sister missing. She started trying to find out what had happened to her. She found out that her sister head also involved in drugs. Great story tread and find out what happened.