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  • DoubleAries - I need this

    I just took my first walk using this. It's my first time using a pole. I felt I needed one because I took a bad fall almost a year ago and am still uncertain on my feet. This makes me feel more confident when out and about.

  • Julie - Excellent Reference Manual for all levels

    Excellent Reference and Teacher - I was solely in charge of setting up the company financials on Excel and I searched for a good reference manual when I stumbled on this book! Excellent. Great book. I read it addictively and made many notes and put tabs on the sections I knew I could use later. The companion CD is great for examples and templates to use later. It includes everything from basic Excel instructions to Pivot Tables and charts, and way more than I most likely will need. I highly recommend this manual.

  • tburgh - Interesting info.

    The book has some very interesting info and thoughts. There are suggestions and treatments that could be made much clearer and may not be for everyone. I personally don't agree with everything the author has to say regarding ethnomedicine, but that may be my lack of knowledge. His interpretations regarding other races are a bit baffling as well. Understand however that I question everything---from the "highest qualified authority" of the USDA, FDA, etc, to someone's anecdotal suggestions.I'm reviewing some of the sources and bibliographic material listed in the book. Every now and then typos or sentence syntax problems get in the way. I point this out because minor problems like this could involve the author sharing pertinent information. If you can handle gaining some useful info (again, I strongly suggest to check it out for yourself), and can, as the saying goes, "get the meat and leave the bones," this could serve as a reference source for one's herbal, medicinal library.

  • Melissa - This mother loves more milk plus

    Super grateful for these capsules. After using some medication that put me on the brink of drying up, I ordered these capsules and staged a comeback! What I like best about these (other than their effectiveness) is that since its a liquid in gelcaps, it doesn't bother my stomach or GI at all. Other supplements for milk production always gave me some definite gastro unpleasantness. These don't seem to give my tummy or bum any problems, and I'm not burping up the taste of the ingredients, either. Just make sure you follow the directions for timing of taking the capsules. I do wish they were a little bit cheaper, as for my weight I have to take 6 capsules a day, meaning this bottle is a 20 day supply for me, but I'm not going to knock a star off for it.

  • optimizz - you can't escape it once you are signed up

    I found it difficult to use, especially the part designed to protect financial websites. it sends you to another place altogether to pay your bills. It is difficult to figure out how to allow new programs that I want to add. And worst of all, it is deliberately designed to keep you once you sign up. The customer service number is not free and they tell you up front to expect a 10 minute delay or more. Checking the "do not renew" button does nothing and they send the renewal through the bank before the old subscription is up - at the full price I might add. It does nothing for spam (maybe it is not supposed to) Little messages pop up when you least expect them telling you that you have a virus. They sit there and blink in the corner of your screen. You have to manually deal with it on your own. Other ant-virus software at least quarantined them until I could check them. This program makes you stop right then to deal with them. I can find NOIHING that I like about this software.

  • Monique B - Wonderful color! Love it!

    This is probably one of the prettiest polishes I have ever owned. The only thing is, it is really hard to come off.