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Your Daily Financial And Business Blogs - Half of the world’s total population is presently on the Internet. Roughly 75 percent of this population is on the social networking sites, and a quarter of

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  • Alexander Yelle - Great Value!

    This was a very useful purchase. I was in need of lands and this box gave 20 cards of each types of land (plains, swamps, mountains, forests, & islands). There is a great variety of cards when it comes to sorcery, instant, and creature cards. I got a few rare cards and was very happy with the number of uncommon cards included. I didn't anticipate using anything but the lands from this kit, but use quite a few of them in my most active deck.

  • Amazon Customer - The best show that is real time and real life

    The best show that is real time and real life, just when I thought I have seen it all, out standing cast they do it all. Keep it going! Stan

  • Ryan OConnor - scam, does not work as advertised

    This is a scam and a rip off. I bought this and had it for three months. I was walking home when I realized I had left my keys at the gym. I decided to test the app out and it hadn't updated since I had the app open. Basically, unless you plan on losing your keys in advance and opening the app when the keys are still in range, you will not be able to find your keys.