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New, used, and pre-owned Chevrolet, cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale at OK Chevrolet in Tonasket - OK Chevrolet is a Tonasket new, used, and pre-owned vehicle dealer. We have the perfect truck, car, SUV, or minivan for you. Come see OK Chevrolet today in Tonasket.

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  • kristen.olson12 - Perfect!

    Finally! We've used the nose frida for a year and each time I have to use it I think "I wish a vacuum could suck on this" I didn't think something of the sort existed. This thing I'd AMAZING! the amount of snot it can get is crazy. We have a shark and it connects fine to the large hose. I recommend this to everyone.

  • Kay Bennett - The difference is Day & Night

    I really love all of Mary Kay's products, but the day solution in the Timewise Set leaves the skin on my face feeling a certain way. I am not sure if you are supposed to apply it and then moisturize, but I was under the impression that these are moisturizers. On the other hand, the nighttime solution is perfect for my skin, it does give me a little more moisture than the daytime solution, but I still have to use a little but of the gel moisturizer from Mary Kay - which by the way is perfection - in order to achieve the look and feel that I want. I would recommend this to the mature woman with discriminating taste.

  • Carolyn Sari - I first attributed my anxiety and mood problems to having had babies and thinking it was a post pardom thing but then as time we

    As a previous seller and longtime user of this product I had to write a review. I was on the shakes for years on and off after having my two little ones to lose baby weight and then maintain.

  • Shayne - Don't expect anything like her any of her last albums

    Don't expect anything like her any of her last albums. Joanne is definitely different for the most part, but it's also really good. Gaga put her heart into this and you can really tell. (Not that she didn't in her previous albums.) This one is definitely less pop/electronic, but if you love Gaga's voice and creativity and are a fan for life, you'll still love this one. Diamond Heart is my personal favorite on here, I think it's genius and absolutely love the beat and drums. I also loved Perfect Illusion when it came out. Grigio Girls is a really charming and good song too; I like it a lot. There are definitely quite a few slow songs on this album but they have such character and meaning. And I always end up liking most things from Lady Gaga. :)