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Home - The first of its kind in Hong Kong, OLC was established initially as an innovative and comprehensive training centre to provide facilities and expertise in training our surgeons. Through years of development and advancement, the centre is evolving into an extensive unit offering more than training and education to surgeons, nurses, allied health professionals and the community. Along with diverse professional teaching activities, we offer fall and fracture prevention programs to community dwellers, master program to graduates and research programs to postgraduate students. In addition, we conduct various research activities directly related to better patient care, and provide computer-aided surgical planning and modeling services to surgeons and researchers. Our further advocacy is our active participation in the establishment of the local Fragility Fracture Registry that provides an auditing system of outcomes for clinicians to critically review the safety and effectiveness of treatments, and serves as a benchmark for standard care for every serving surgeon and clinician in managing fragility fractures. By and large, we strive to serve the needs and enhance the well-being of the patients of Hong Kong, China as a whole, and even the wider world community, with our tenet to learn and practice to serve better.

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  • Glenn Hoover - Nice machine - lousy packing and assembly instructions

    The design is very sturdy. The only downside is the packing and assembly. The box was strong and strapped with bands but the bands cut a small hole and a washer and nut were lost. They were common and easily replaced. The parts were jumbled inside. They were held together with spot ties but most were broken.The assembly instructions were just an exploded drawing of how the parts fit together. So you need to figure it out yourself. Once you get it assembled, it's a really nice machine.

  • Amazon Customer - Went on pretty easy except one shoe

    Not Mopar. Package says Moprr. False advertising. Went on pretty easy except one shoe. The one shoe didn't fit the rail.

  • SWoftheRockies - Goodbye free time!

    5 weeks in and it's still very addictive. I had a warning about the cable not being optimized, but upgrading from Windows 8 to 10 solved that...not that I ever noticed the issue. I'm 50 and non-musical. I wanted something new challenge myself. This works great. There have been a few times when a practice lasted 5 minutes and I just wasn't getting it. It happens. Other times I've played for hours and my fingers burned. Rocksmith helps a lot. Plenty to do to improve on skills and lots of variety to prevent boredom. Would prefer if the tone selection missions (picking amps, filters, etc.) was cut down. Maybe presented differently as I don't see this as the best way to get exposure to all the options, or the many settings for each option, (and there are a lot). Still, very worthy of 5 stars.

  • Kiera J. Northington - The Murder of Sonny Liston

    The book was very informative and thought provoking. It gives you a peek into the life of Sonny Liston, and leaves you with more questions than answers. Forty-five years have passed since Sonny's last breath, and although we don't know how he died, we know how he lived his colorful life. I remember hearing my grandfather talk about him, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to read the book. It is well-written, and holds your interest from first page to last. I would recommend the book to anyone who likes boxing, biographies, memoirs, or just wants to read a good book.