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  • Amazon Customer - Release the ravening Roomba! One Year UPDATE.

    I deliberately did not dust mop my 1500 square foot house for two weeks because I wanted to put the iRobot Roomba 770 though its paces (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) My house is a single story structure with laminate floors, four rugs and two cats. I chose this model because I do not need the lighthouse feature of the model 780, and I didn't feel like coughing up hundreds more for the rejiggered model 880. Hundreds of reviews give the model 770 an impressive 4-1/2 star rating.

  • Amazon Customer - LOVE this "miracle"

    I tried the small bottle of this from a drug store, and love it. I have fine, curly hair and many products weigh it down. This adds body and a bit of thickness, but doesn't feel sticky or heavy. I can go 2 to 3 days without washing my hair (more healthy for my type of hair). If anything, I just need to dampen my curls with wet fingers to revive it. Everyone probably tries a hundred hair products (I did), and finally finds the ONE. This is it for me. Very light scent, no residue or flakes. I use about 5 spritzes, and work it into my wet hair after shampooing.

  • Scott - Best g9 replacement in existence if u favored everything the g9 offered

    a bit pricey but it's replaced by aged g9x very well. I can't detect any input lag over works (Logitech isn't lying), the battery lasts a long time, the software is very good. this is almost everything I was hoping for in a g9 replacement. it doesn't offer quite the finger or claw grip I was hoping for but is better than most other Logitech gaming mice. I wanted to stick with Logitech because I don't think I could have given up the dual scroll modes, on the fly sensitivity changing, gaming profiles, programmability, or 5-way middle mouse button (scroll wheel, horizontal clicking, and middle mouse click) of which every other brand would have compromised. there's still no replacement for the g9 but this hits everything with a slightly less claw- / fingertip-friendly grip.