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  • W. Robinson - Great system

    This is a fabulous system. I've used Microsoft's Streets and Trips for years including trips from Vancouver, BC to St. John's Nfld. and Boston, Ma and back. Then I just finished a trip to the Florida Keys using DeLorme. No comparison.

  • Five4Fighting - Pretty Good

    The new version is not leaps and bounds better than 2008, but it does have a few nifty features like full screen mode, and a consolidated toolbar at the top of each window. I was under the impression that "Versions" support would be available by now, but it does not seem to be. Will be 5 stars when this occurs.

  • martha bridges - the package I am ordering is diffrent from what I am getting

    I am not getting the product I order I would love to get just what I ordered. this is the white bag and this is what I am ordering the black package is what I am getting. I was working on contacting you all as well about this.

  • Mlak Sva - Useful product

    Like many things made by Sperry, It is useful and simple to use. It pretty much tells you what is going on with your AC wiring at a outlet receptacle. The LED lighting is bright, you can see it from 15 feet away in the daylight.

  • Myles McG - well done sony. onwards and upwards

    Fantastic product. Can only get better from here. Rush of blood impressed my wife and that says alot lol. Headset is extremely comfortable. Like to the point were i forget i have it on. The immersion is great. Wish the FOV was greater. Some games graphically are better than others but i'm sure in time developers will get better and better. Screendoor effect is waaaay less than i thought it was gonna be (coming from gear VR). majority of games i don't even notice it and from i'm reading from Vive and Oculus users that also have PS VR they say PS VR is better at reducing the SDE. Head tracking and controller tracking is flawless. Just wish i had more space at my desk to move around more. Can't set it up in my living or my 16month son will destroy it i'm sure.

  • amazonprankster - Great for Pole Dancing

    Bought this to help with my grip during pole dancing lessons. It has really been useful to stop my hands from slipping down the pole as I try to learn. It stops the sweat completly and has a nice tacky feel to it. Good for helping you stay in place, however do not use if you intend to do any spinning moves, as the tackiness will prevent you from spinning. The only thing about this product is it makes my hands incredibly dry after use, even when I wash and lotion my hands right after, they still are very dry. I suppost this drying effect is just part using any kind of calk though, I haven't used any other types and don't have any reference of comparison. I thought the bottle was really small for the price, but a little bit of the product goes a long way. I will most likely be buying again when I run out.

  • Alison Myers - Krud Kutter gets the job done!

    There doesn't seem to be anything Krud Kutter can cut through and clean away! Whether it's soap scum and mildew in the shower, thick layers of grease in a kitchen, marker on the walls or glue residue on anything, Krud Kutter can get the job done. I especially like that it does such a great job, but is also non-toxic and biodegradable!