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paleolit.sk | paleolit.sk - Úloha tenzidov, ako prídavných potravinových doplnkov (syntetické emulgátory ) pri alergických a autoimúnnych chorobách, a a syndróm prepúšťania čriev.

  • http://www.paleolit.sk/linky/ Paleo recepty - paleo kuchyňa | paleolit.sk - Vplyv paleolitného stravovania na zdravie. Cieľom je urobiť obľúbeným zdravé stravovanie.
  • http://www.paleolit.sk/preco-mi-nie-je-sympaticka-paleomama-t-j-dr-sarah-ballantyne/#respond Prečo mi nie je sympatická Paleomama | paleolit.sk - Od všetkých paleo prorokov mi lezú zimomriavky po chrbte, ktorí neopodstatnenými fámami svojich nasledovníkov nahovárajú na neodôvodnené obmedzenia.
  • http://www.paleolit.sk/je-sacharin-skodlivy-na-zdravie/#respond Je sacharín škodlivý na zdravie? | paleolit.sk - Štúdiá nepotvrdili, že sacharín u človeka zvyšuje riziko vytvorenia rakoviny, alebo že by spôsobil akúkoľvek inú ujmu na zdravý, aspartám však medzi ne nepatrí.
  • http://www.paleolit.sk/psychiatri-ako-drogovi-dileri/#respond Psychiatri ako drogoví díleri | paleolit.sk - Ako demoralizovala farmaceutická loby zdravotníctvo –časť: Smrtiace drogy a organizovaný zločin

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  • N Kelly - Great resource

    This is a great handbook for those of us working in a small business or at a nonprofit with a limited budget. It provides, in straightforward and easily understandable language, an overview of what you need to know about hiring, supervising, and firing staff. There are chapters on performance evaluation (always a worrisome topic), benefits and compensation and an appendix filled with a variety of sample forms that make this book instantly useful. Keep it handy!N. Kelly

  • ValerieS - Rid-X Septic Tank System Treatment 3 dose

    I assume this does the trick, as this is one of those things you can't really check. One thing I find humorous is the box is made for 3 doses, yet the instructions say to discard after application (??). So I guessed at what a third was and flushed it. Then guessed at what a half of (of what was left); then I used what was left and tossed the box.

  • sassy - Flow free hec

    Absolutely the best flow free game ever. Just got the app. and stayed up two hours late playing it. So addictive. 6thumbs up for this game.

  • Lolani - Bought for my husband. Work very well. Only ...

    Bought for my husband. Work very well. Only thing is that they need more sizes on the ear inserts. He has small "holes" on the inner ear. The options that come with these just aren't quite right so they stick half in and half out but at least he can hear me!

  • Amazon Customer - Inexpensive GPS

    The Delorme Earthmate LT-40 works great with my Gateway EC18 with 11.6" screen. Logs on to satellite connections very fast. Speaks directions, large map views with 2D and 3D options. Used in town for a short trip and worked well. Can change route quickly by clicking on map and "choosing via" and will reroute using new choice. A bit of a learning curve to understand all the options. Program learns to understand your voice by reading words into microphone of computer. Recommend for those who would like to use their netbook to do extra duty. This GPS device plugs into the USB port. Delorme also makes a BT20 that has both Bluetooth and USB connections.

  • Smeeter - LED for That bomb

    Gotta Say this light is definitely worth the money. Started my clones up, the switch to Veg and Flower are awesome. Jump on it, this light stays warm, and its perfect as far as temp goes. Should get the other hanger strings though so you can leverage the light from veg to flower. Other than that worht every penny.