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  • Iulia - Best diapers ever!

    I have very active baby, she constantly moving, turning, crawling. So it's really hard to find diapers, that not leaking. The only one diapers that is good for my baby is pampers swaddlers.I used to try couple different brands, and all of them leaked very fast. Pampers is very confortable, I never have a problem with diaper rash. For me this diapers is life saver! Best diapers ever! I highly recommend this diapers to all mom who have active baby like mine.

  • Christopher Ringen - Absolutely amazed this stuff worked so good!

    My Stihl trimmer bogged down and would not start. I cleaned the exhaust filter with a torche and still nothing. Watched YouTube videos on how to take out the carborator and clean it along with the lines using seafoam. Put it back together and it took off instantly and started smoking and running like new!! I usually don't post little stuff like this but I was shocked at how good it worked!! A must for my little two stroke engine!! Also as a precaution if you haven't thrown out your old gas and got new fuel for the year I highly suggest doing that as well and using the highest octane. Ethanol is not a friend of the two stroke!

  • mxp908 - Doesn't hold its shape

    Good manageable carry-on size, roomy, color and material but doesn't hold its shape when loaded. I like that it can be a shoulder bag and also a backpack but I went with a different bag.

  • deejo - great tasting gummies i've been taking these for a week ...

    great tasting gummies i've been taking these for a week now so there wont be any hair growth so within a month or two i'll update this review i did receive this product at an discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review

  • Winston E. Kole - McAfee 2014 Total Protection Software

    I've been using McAfee Total Protection Software for my home computers (3) for the past several years, and have found the McAfee product to meet all of my internet protection needs. It is easy to load, user-friendly, and runs quietly and efficiently in the background without slowing my computers down significantly. I'm a satisfied customer. However, in years past, I've always purchased the CD version, in case I had to reload for some reason throughout the covered year. This year, I expected to receive another CD, as the picture on the web looked like all of the McAfee boxes of the past. Upon arrival, I found that this product utilized a plastic card - not unlike a credit card - to enable me to load the new product. I was quite skeptical at first, and nearly sent it back. However, sometimes "change is good", so I tried it - it worked flawlessly, and I continue to be a satisfied customer. Thank you, McAfee for your fine product, and thank you, Amazon for providing this product at a reasonable price. Nicely done!

  • K. Symko - Disappointed

    I was disappointed in how light the fair shade is for this product. I am fair skinned and it does not cover my dark circles. It actually makes them look worse. A lot of money for something that did not work for me.