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San Gabriel Valley Perinatal Medical Group, High-Risk Pregnancy Specialists - A pregnancy at risk for serious complications is considered to be a high risk pregnancy. Some health problems that put you at increased risk for complications during pregnancy include diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, and kidney disease

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  • Alyson L. Tremer - Love it

    I am tired of buying fatty chop meat so I got this to start grinding my own , now I buy my own chuck steak and make my own chop meat , I have not tried it on anything else yet but cannot wait to , my next attempt this on chicken . It is extremely easy to use , a pain to clean but worth it knowing what you are actually eating

  • Amazon Customer - RIP OFF!!!!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!

    Very uncomfortable!! It will pull the belt down on your hips and it hurts. Plus found the same product for $30 just branded different from Academy Sports.

  • Andrew M. - Delivered on day promised. Thank you. I've been ...

    Delivered on day promised. Thank you. I've been taking this product for bout 30 days prior to ordering online. I don't drink coffee anymore to get me going in the morning and seems to last all day. I think clearly and constantly add to my to do list lol...I did try to stronger iridium by perfomix and found they were too much for me, I'll stick with these...

  • K. Slaback - Amazing! But, doesn't last

    I started looking for something like this when one of my kids (age 2) started waking at 4:30 thinking it was time to get up and play. Once I got him back in bed, around 5:00 my other kiddo (age 4) did the same thing. It was getting old, very quickly and I was beating myself up trying to explain to them why they need to stay in bed and how can they know it is okay to get up (without waking me up).

  • Oxman98 - This "knife" is great for flipping

    This "knife" is great for flipping. The tang pins do dig into the handles and does not force them apart so the latch does not stay when closed. When open there is no problem. There is no need for loctite because the screws are non removable.

  • Gram - Un"bee"lievable Bath

    I love this baby bath! I have this one hand at my house for when my grandkids come, after bath time they smell so good and I fell confident that I only bathed them in a product that comes from as close to nature as can be put into a bottle. I now purchase this for baby gifts for my daughters friends.