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Merino Wool Running Apparel | Pettet Endurance Project - Purveyors of sweat, disciples of the gut wrenching, soul squeezing power of a marathon finish, and makers of merino wool endurance apparel.

  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/product-category/men/ Men's Merino Wool Running Apparel | Pettet Endurance Project - The full gamut of PEP's line of merino wool running apparel for Men. American Made. The Perfect Fit. Unbelievable value.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/product-category/women/ Women's Merino Wool Running Apparel | Pettet Endurance Project - The full gamut of PEP's line of merino wool running apparel for Women. American Made. The Perfect Fit. Unbelievable Value.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/product-category/sale/ Sale - American Made Merino Wool | Pettet Endurance Project - It doesn't happen often, but when we put our gear on sale, this is the place you'll find it. American Made. Reasonably priced. Epic Merino.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/our-story/ Our Story - Pettet Endurance Project - We set out to build the best running apparel on the market, and a company with values representative of the community which we belong. This is our story.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/shop/men/the-fremont/ The Fremont - 3/4 Sleeve Merino Wool Shirt | Pettet Endurance Project - The Fremont is an update to our most popular gear. A 3/4 sleeve merino wool running shirt that is build to last. Made in America. Ethically sourced.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/shop/men/gaston-merino-wool-running-singlet/ The Gaston: Merino Wool Running Singlet | PEP - The Gaston is a merino wool running singlet that'll keep you ripping through trails mile after mile. 210gsm super-soft merino wool. Made in Oregon.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/shop/men/stayton-vented-merino-wool-running-shirt/ The Stayton: Vented Merino Running Shirt | PEP - The most technical piece of merino running gear on the market. Functional back vents create airflow and 210gsm wool is ultra-durable.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/shop/accessories/sebastopol-merino-running-hat/ The Sebastopol: Merino Running Hat | Pettet Endurance Project - The Sebastopol - Men's Merino Running Hat. Form fitting, with a slightly less than obnoxious touch of reflectivity. Made in California.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/shop/women/canby-racerback-merino-wool-tank/ The Canby: Striped Racerback Merino Wool Tank | PEP - The Canby is a stellar new addition to our lineup. Striped Racerback construction and the soft, sustainable performance of merino wool. Made in Oregon.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/shop/women/bristow-womens-striped-merino-running-shirt/ The Bristow: Women's Striped Merino Wool Running Shirt | PEP - The Bristow adds loads of style to the functional gear you expect from PEP. Tonal stripes and the perfect fit make this a piece you'll use for years.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/contact/ Contact | Pettet Endurance Project - Drop us a line here at pettetendurance.com and we'll be sure to get back to you in the next 24 business hours.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/fit-guide/ Fit Guide - Pettet Endurance Project - Our key to the best fit in endurance sport. This is PEP's fit guide for men and women.
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/our-name/ Our Name - Pettet Endurance Project - Pettet Endurance Project holds meaning. It's a soulful representation of our brand and it stands for the grit and determination required by the sport we love
  • http://www.pettetendurance.com/blog/ Blog | Pettet Endurance Project - Check our blog for PEP's latest musings on running, merino wool, and the occasional beer.

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  • Peffinger - You may not think you need one, but you do!

    I didn't think I needed this until I bought it. Saw it on a web site and bought it on a whim, and I'm glad I did. Ended up using it with an old Klipsch iPod dock. Just plugged the BT receiver into the line in with a 3.5mm cable and now I've got a powered bluetooth speaker vastly superior to the little boxes from Logitech and others for a fraction of the price. Pairing was easy and the connection automatically picks right up since then.

  • Debbie Romine - Black Seed Oil ...

    Ordered this on recommendation of a relative. It truly is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I've been using it less than a week and I can already tell differences in some of my "aches & pains" and a skin condition that has been plaguing me since last fall! It does taste kinda "nasty", but the product can be mixed in flavored water, fruit smoothie, juice, or just about anything, I think.