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Accueil - En plus d'une activité de délivrance au comptoir de médicaments sur ordonnance, la pharmacie de Bachoué est Accréditée pour les Préparations magistrales et l'herboristerie.

  • http://www.pharmacie-preparatoire-herboristerie-debachoue.fr/evolution-de-la-reglementation-des-plantes-medicinales.html Evolution de la Réglementation des Plantes Médicinales - La commercialisation des plantes médicinales en France et en Europe procède d'une double règlementation, à la fois pharmaceutique et agro-alimentaire.

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    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Larry Moyer - In expensive but work good

    These work good. The listing however was not clear thought we were getting two and only got one. should reword the listing so not to be so confusing

  • david p - Cheaper than QVC!

    Just the same brand and product and lower cost than QVC. Product excellent for daily facial cleansing at night, or even other times.

  • Amazon Customer - It Really Works!!

    WOW this blew my mind. I’m skeptical about trying new products but when I heard that a vitamin c serum can really dial back the years for my skin I had to try it. After only few weeks of use I have seen changes already. I’m a happy buyer.

  • Paul J Sander - Great product, requires patience and practice

    This is an excellent product when applied properly. Getting the surface ready (cleaning, and sanding if necessary) is really important. This is also an important step when applying other coatings and paints, so it makes sense that the surface should be prepared for this also. When the top coat wasn't shaken for enough time, the sprayers didn't spray it very well. This product (the Top Coat) really needs to be mixed for a good 3 minutes straight before it can be sprayed. I've also noticed that drying time is important. The top coat seems to dry very quickly (within seconds). So, the coating seems to work well for water very soon after the top coat is applied. I have tried using the coating to repel oils and paints, and it doesn't always work with every paint or oil. However, if I wait longer for the top and bottom coat to dry (overnight after the top coat is applied), the coating has a better chance of working with something other than water (although certain oils and paints didn't work even after a long dry time).

  • Tommy - Price increase too much, look for other brands

    I've been a loyal ON Whey user for several years now, good product. But they've been raising the price every several months, and now it's become too expensive when compared to other similar products out there.

  • michael john bianco - The cream is great for three reasons

    The cream is great for three reasons, the container lasts for nine months of daily shaves, the whipped texture means there is no prep time for lathering up, and the lavender scent enhances the shaving experience.