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  • The Rowdy One - This was a great investment

    I can't recommend highly enough the generator that we bought last year. It had sat unopened in its box until 4:00AM on Saturday. It is very simple to use for the first time and appears to have good quality components and construction (all the bolts are tightened in silicone or some other rubber so as not to vibrate loose. It started on the first pull and ran without stuttering while powering our refrigerator and 10k BTU portable air conditioner plus laptops and charging portable devices through the time that our power was out in northern Virginia over the weekend. After our power came back on we loaned it to some friends whose power was out for another 12 hours. It has about 36 hours of total run time on it and the crankcase is still full and the oil has not blackened (which indicates to me lots of gas passing into the crankcase or lots of frictional wear in a very short time). It ran and honest 8+ hours on a four gallon tank of fuel.

  • Antonio Cortes - Comfy but pricey

    Airmax are my favorite style of Nike shoes both for looks and comfort. I recieved compliments on these from multiple people when wearing them as my casual shoes. The only negative for me is the price which can be as high as 190 retail.

  • Harper Haru Chinn - Loving Hallmark 2011 Deluxe

    This is my very first Hallmark Card Studio program, so I can not compare this version (2011) to any other previous version (such as if this program has "missing features" or "no new images/cards/projects"). My experience with this software so far has been nothing but positive.

  • SUMMER L ALLEN - Best acne product!

    I cannot live without this masque! It reduces my breakouts better than anything I have ever used. And I have used EVERYTHING!!! If I have the beginnings of a pimple, I use as a spot treatment. Then before bed, I spot treat all night and by morning, the zit is dramatically reduced. It is amazing and worth every penny.