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  • Christine Creed Hill - Much better than it used to be.

    Over the years I've tried FTM many times and always found it to be a huge memory hog. I didn't want to pay full price to try it again so I bought this one. I like how it connects with Ancestry.com and I love that it Syncs and downloads all of the images I have attached to my ancestors. For that alone, to me it's worth the money.

  • The Magician - Great filter

    Great filter; seems to do a great job (every 5000 miles w/Royal Purple). MUCH easier to take off my '07 Explorer V8. Can only reach front of filter and nut makes it much easier to remove.

  • saspeedy - Would love to have her courage and spunk

    What an adventure I took reading this book! Violet Bates is my new hero. Would love to have her courage and spunk. This story captivated mewithin the first few pages. Her life choices bring her to her final decision. Die or save her homeland. Thank you Bella for this new world to travel to. Can't wait for the next book to see where it takes me. Great read for teens to adult.

  • My Favorite Pastime - the candidate

    Erica Sparks is still working for GNN. Her ratings are doing well and now she is set to cover the next presidential election. Mike Ortiz was a former prisoner of war in Iraq who miraculously escaped his captors. Now Mike is one of the presidential hopefuls. Erica always seems to be in the perfect spot to catch the latest headlines. When one of the other candidates and his wife are killed in a bombing, Erica witnesses it firsthand. In the midst of her investigation Erica gets an inkling that there is something mechanical and fake about Mike and his wife Celeste. Once more Erica's life is put on the line for her job, will she be able to prove her fears or, die trying?

  • H. Ugurlu - Soft and smooth!

    I should say that this is one of the best product I bought recently. It feels soft and smooth. It doesn't restrict mouse movement in any direction. It's because it has a better design comparing other mats/pads. This product doesn't have that huge, disturbing wrist pad which I think affects the use of mouse so negatively. It, instead has a sleek design so the part where you put your wrist is little thicker (not as much seen on the picture shows the pad like a downhill)which allows you to use your mouse smoothly, without a wrist pain. Buy this! Strongly recommended!