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  • D. Burkhart - Great value for average golfer

    I returned to playing golf after 35 years. I have used this set for the past 3 months, playing 3 to 4 times per week. These clubs make golf much more fun than I remember. Although I'm not nearly as strong as I used to be, these clubs are really easy to handle. The driver and 3 woods are light and easy to control. The irons feel heavy, but solid in a good way. The putter is large and very sturdy. Unfortunately, it still has three puts per green in it like my old putter. I guess that might be more my problem than the putter's. Great lightweight bag. The clubs arrived in two days and were ready to play. I purchased in April and thought it was a great deal, $200 w/free shipping. A great choice for recreational golfer.

  • mpisanelli - Great Cleanse

    Last Year I decided to try the cleanse. Im a current chiropractic student, and Standard Process is regarded very highly in our network of Vitamins/ supplements. As a future health care professional I want the best for my patients, but would never suggest anything that I haven't participated in.

  • Alli - Very pure and potent.

    Very pure and potent. AWESOME purchase! My bottle arrived right on time and was packaged perfectly and tightly sealed.

  • R. Lee - Do not buy

    I bought this product again after seeing it ranked highly on AV-TEST and independent IT security institute. They must have been sleeping when running the tests because BitDefender again has proven to be the most unreliable antivirus software I have used.

  • Patrick - Stay Away From This One!

    This product is a joke. Using Windows 7 64 bit. Would not install. Checked their website. Live Chat? Said try again later. Called the number and got an off-shore person who couldn't spell 'Tampa' where I was calling from. They said it could take up to an hour to install. An hour for a silly card program? My DVD drive spun for 2 hours with no progress on the install bar. You know this isn't even Hallmark, they out-source this to Nova, the maker of all those other mediocre products. I'm actually a registered user of Hallmark 2011, but this upgrade was a disaster.

  • Sam Bulin - Beautiful and fun.

    There were some people that wrote reviews for this saying that it seems fake, don't worry it is as real as it gets. You receive a product code, and than download the game from Origin. The game is one of the best looking games on the market in my opinion. The story is a bit short but amazing and emotional. The multiplayer is fun, tanks are a bit broken with people going on 20+ killstreaks in a one man tank almost every other game. This game is all about teamwork and patience don't expect to survive for long if you run everywhere like Rambo. If you are looking for a WW1 game on the market this is the one for you.