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Pine Lake | Pine Lake, Georgia Official Website - CITY OF PINE LAKE CITY COUNCIL WORK SESSION ACTION AGENDA OCTOBER 25, 2016 7:30 PM   Call to order by Mayor Hammet at 7:30 – Present

  • http://www.pinelakega.com/city-government/ City Government | Pine Lake - Welcome to the Pine Lake City Government Section of the web. The navigation above will take you to our important city business areas, such as permits, fees,
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/city-government/how-it-works/ How it Works | Pine Lake - Those registered to vote in the City elect a mayor and 5 city council members on a staggered schedule. City Council meets on the second Monday and last Tuesday
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/city-government/plans-and-proposals/ Plans and Proposals | Pine Lake - Comprehensive Plan Final 2016 Pine Lake Atlanta Regional Commission Report from Leadership Retreat in August, 2013.   Please be advised the City
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/city-government/staff/ Staff | Pine Lake - City of Pine Lake Staff The City of Pine Lake Participates in E-Verify. The E-Verify number is E-Verify # 216095. Valerie Caldwell - Pine Lake City
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/about/our-mayor/ Our Mayor | Pine Lake -   As newly-elected Mayor of Pine Lake, Melanie Hammet offers a biography at least as eclectic as the music she creates. From working on a shrimp
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/city-government/city-council-members/ City of Pine Lake Elected Officials | Pine Lake - Mayor Melanie Hammet (See Mayor's Bio Page) Council Members Jean Bordeaux Erika C Brown Tonya Holder has lived in Georgia for more than 20 years. She has
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/city-government/minutes/ Minutes | Pine Lake - City Council Minutes from Regular Meetings and Work Sessions. Approved minutes from previous City Council meetings. Enjoy. January 26, 2016 City Council
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/city-government/minutes/archive-minutes/ Archive Minutes | Pine Lake - Welcome to the City Council Minutes archive section of our web. The links below provide a PDF for you to review approved minutes from previous City Council
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/city-government/notices/ Legal Notices | Pine Lake - These are the current legal notices for the City of Pine Lake. The City of Pine Lake Participates in E-Verify. The E-Verify number is E-Verify # 216095 TOWN
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/budget-and-finance/ Budget and Finance | Pine Lake - 2015 Financial Audit Report Here is the 2015 Financial Audit Report in PDF. Enjoy! http://www.pinelakega.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Pine-Lake-Audit
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/city-government/notes-from-city-hall/ Notes from City Hall | Pine Lake - RECENT COUNCIL ACTIONS Highlights from February and March, 2011 Council meetings Assigned two councilmembers (Cindy Diamond and Melanie Hammet) to
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/codes/ Codes | Pine Lake - Why Do We Need Codes? Pine Lake, GA is one of the most densely populated cities in the state, yet this progressive community features a beautiful, natural
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/codes/building-permits/ Building Permits | Pine Lake - A permit is required for many situations, including additions or new construction equalling 100 square feet or more, facade changes/removals equalling 25% or
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/codes/i-want-to-renovate/ I Want to Renovate . . . | Pine Lake - Although each renovation is unique, there are some basic rules and options to know before you begin: "Renovation" occurs when no more than 50% of the
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/codes/building-a-new-home/ Building a New Home | Pine Lake - Welcome to Pine Lake, the little city that continues to set a big example. Our residential building code reflects the standards set by previous builders and
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/codes/so-you-want-to-build-a-fence/ So You Want to Build a Fence? | Pine Lake - Adding a fence or wall to your property adds character and can be a valuable asset to your home. When planning, keep in mind that your property is part of a
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/codes/can-i-cut-down-my-tree/ Can I Cut Down My Tree? | Pine Lake - In 2007, Pine Lake adopted a Tree Conservation Ordinance, designed to provide reasonable minimum standards regarding the preservation, protection and
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/codes/what-is-a-variance/ What is a Variance? | Pine Lake - Sometimes your plans don't comply with an ordiance, and you might think variance is a remedy. However, variance is often misunderstood, so here are some
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/getting-a-business-license/ Getting A Business License | Pine Lake - You will need to visit City Hall to complete an Affidavit form in order to approve and notarize the affidavit under oath, as an application for the City of Pine
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/police-public-safety/house-watch-form/ Vacation/House Watch Form | Pine Lake - One of the benefits of living in Pine Lake is having an officer check-out your home while you are away. Please complete this form and your Pine Lake police
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/police-public-safety/ Police & Public Safety | Pine Lake -  PINE LAKE POLICE DEPARTMENT WEBSITE Welcome to the Pine Lake Police Department. We invite you to navigate your way through our site to learn more about us
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/police-public-safety/general-info/ General Info | Pine Lake - Always call 911 if you want assistance from a police officer. For non emergency calls, you may phone 404-292-4250 and at the greeting menu dial 6 to leave
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/police-public-safety/news-from-the-chief/ News from the Chief | Pine Lake - PINE LAKE MUNICIPAL COURT AMNESTY PROGRAM The City of Pine Lake Municipal Court is holding an Amnesty Program for individuals with past due traffic citations
  • http://www.pinelakega.com/police-public-safety/codered/ CodeRED Emergency Notification System | Pine Lake - CodeRED Emergency Notification System The CodeRED Emergency Notification System is a high-speed CodeRED Emergency Notification System is a telephone

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  • Mona818 - Still on the fence...

    It's been about a month since I've started taking the Nzuri Elixir. I recently cut off all of my long, natural hair and regretted it almost immediately. Needless to say, I am on a mission to regrow some hair ASAP. I've heard good things about this elixir, but I'm still on the fence about it. I've noticed nail growth and clear skin, but I had been taking Biotin (10,000mg) daily before I started with this, so I'm not positive that I can credit the elixir with those things. The taste is okay, it gets better with time. I take two tablespoons per day, as instructed. I will continue to use up my supply, but I'm not sure if I will repurchase because I've had excellent benefits with the cheap Walmart brand of Biotin that is about a 1/4 of the price of the elixir.

  • Alicia Starnes - It isn't too thick so its super easy to put on and it doesn't leave a ...

    This cream is really helping keep my skin soft and glowing. I use it nightly before bed and I have even started to use it on other spots as well with the same affect! It isn't too thick so its super easy to put on and it doesn't leave a sticky residue like most moisturizers and lotions.

  • A. Bozzo - Not a miracle

    Eh. It smells very nice, but it's no miracle for my hair, which is not coarse, and is curly, wavy and gets very frizzy without some kind of product to tame it.

  • Jason S - Already Upgraded to Office 365 (version 2013) Cloud Subscription

    Thus far I 100% prefer Microsoft's cloud based Office applications. My caveat is 365 users will need to learn touch computing or use a mouse. I'm also looking forward to see if Microsoft does away with the traditional Windows desktop. And if they do, how it will change Office usability.

  • Tara - Scared the crap out of me

    The first day using this product I overheated at work and almost passed out. Just figured I needed to get use to it and I've continued to take it. Every time I take it, I feel sick and lightheaded throughout my whole workout. Today I took it and felt so unusual... My neck, chest, arms and back turned bright red and blotchy. Scared the crap out of me. I think this will be the last day I take these products. I wish I would have read more reviews before I wasted my money on this.

  • DEBBIE SKELLEY - Cheaply made

    I purchased this for my grandson who is 7. He used it for two days and it broke. He hit a foul ball and it hit the machine. It cracked the plastic piece. The next day the whole thing stopped working. I wrote to customer service but didn't even get a response. I would think it should last longer than 2 days with a 7 year old using it.

  • Christine Cardella - Smells nice:)

    As some other posters have mentioned, if you are patient and leave the spray on the hair for a minute before combing or brushing it seems to work better. It smells very nice.