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  • Brad Hyde - Only thing worse than product is service

    Bait and Switch, The commercial looks like 99.99 for a cooktop and set of pans. and a free cooktop for your daughter, friend whatever, for just shipping. I got two cooktops. Period. I was charged 99.99 for 1 top plus 39.95 for shipping and 89.95 for shipping on the second cooktop, and NO cookware. Nada. When I called They said sorry but we can send you pans for 39.95, or you can return the cooktops at your expense and we will refund you 99.99. Like I said, bait and switch. If you want my xtra top let me know I will make you a deal.

  • Froze - Espresso machine

    After reading the reviews I decided to get the Mr Coffee ECMP50 Espresso maker due to price and overall high reviews.

  • Pierre - Effective, unintrusive antivirus software.

    Times sure change. Many years ago I used Norton Antivirus software on my computers and I ended up getting rid of it because it was so intrusive and was a huge memory hog. I switched over to the free AVG Antivirus, which at the time was lightweight but effective.

  • R. Ball - HookBooks 2016

    QuickBooks has a monopoly on small business software that links to online banking. Not only do I have to pay a monthly fee to my bank to download transactions, every few years, I'm forced to upgrade to their latest version which typically just has some minor changes. I have QuickBooks 2014 and now Intuit says that it's not compatible to Windows 10. Of course, they want to force us to upgrade to QuickBooks 2016. Outrageous! For me, Intuit is really good at finding ways to alienate customers and create buyer resentment. They don't seem to understand that it's all about building positive long-term customer relationships. They need some real competition.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice packaging for gift giving

    Kind of small but the lights work well. Long cord to use anywhere. Nice packaging for gift giving.

  • sid m. - BAD PRODUCT

    A total waste of money it sealed nothing. I put a small bottle & 2 large bottles in a 3 month period per the instructions and it slowed the leak but it still leaked and the steering rack had to be changed. over 40 dollars 3 months wasted. The guarantee is a bad joke and limited is to small bottles and almost impossible to get if you bought the product online. I told them to stuff their guarantee and will never use another Lucas product again.