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  • glenn b - Invisible but always protective suite...best security investment ever!!

    Owned Kaspersky for about 6 months........simple to install, always vigilant protection, never intrusive........can't get better than this. I transitioned from an occasionally problematic MacAfee suite..........will remain with Kaspersky forever. Regarding those 'free' security software offers.......... I can't envision that any 'free' software can be as good as something you pay for, and it's only a nominal cost for such HUGE benefits. Never has my computer ever been compromised.........simply boots up and functions like 'new' every day.......thank you Kaspersky.

  • Truth Seeker - Norton 2013 Comes In Box That Says 2012!

    First of all I was initially disappointed when I received this product. I thought they sent me an outdated version. It didn't have 2013 printed anywhere on the box. It said "PC Magazine Editor's Choice Sept 7 2011 Norton Antivirus 2012" in the upper right hand corner. However, at the bottom of the box, there was a yellow sticker that said "NAV 2013". Customer Service just sent me a return label - but I decided to keep the product and give it a try.

  • Michael - Man's two cents

    Obviously I am not a woman, but my mother is of age to need estrogen. So, when I got the opportunity to review these, I was happy to do it even if it did not involve my own body. She talked to her doctor and her doctor allowed her to take it in addition to her medical regime. I noticed within a week a difference. My mother was happier and even, similar to an antidepressant. A few weeks later, her estrogen was even more in line with healthy levels, something her medication was not achieving. I am not sure what that means, but it is something to think about.

  • DTizzle - Bulky, but gets the job done

    Finally purchased a power bank. it took me forever to pick one Id like. I was expecting this to be small and what not. It is actually the same size as my galaxy s7, but heavier. However, it gets the job done. I could be at 52 percent I plug it in and 20 min later im at 80. I have checked how many charges it can do on one charge, but I do know when it was at 68% i charged 2 phones (which were at 48) and it dropped to 52%. I was able to get on more charge before I plugged it in to charge.

  • Jacob L. Salazar - Great way to solve problems

    doctor was worried i wasn't eating enough vegetables. After using product for a week he is no longer worried about my vegetable intake and is more focused on my tumor.