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  • K. L. Graham - 2015 Ram 2500 Crew Cab

    They stay in place, look great, fit well and do their job. What else do you want from a set of floor mats?!

  • Whizzy - but they are still crap. I'd replace the borken lens but these frames ...

    First and last pair of raybans. For how expensive these are you'd think that they would last a bit longer. I'm very careful with my sunglasses and if they aren't on the face they are in the case. These were way too small and thus quite uncomfortable. Today, after a few months of ownership, the left lens popped out today and shattered on the ground. Yeah I'd say these were authentic ray bans, but they are still crap. I'd replace the borken lens but these frames are too small anyways.

  • Anita M. - Exactly what I was hoping for

    This is the first year I have purchased this book but will continue to do so every year. I am an amateur photographer but hoping to better my skills and become a professional. I feel this publication will get me in the door somewhere to kick start.

  • Desert Wind - Very good electric razor for the price

    Excellent razor for the price! Instead of buying their expensive "powder stick"; I tried regular baby powder! It works. The powder shows the hair to be shaved. It's easy to clean. I gave 4 stars for 2 reasons: 1. It does not show how many minutes of charge is left. 2. Shaving under the chin and neck causes "irritation" for my face. Obviously, the shave is not like razor blade shave. I recommend this if you can use it with m two points. Gives as good a shave in shorter time because of powder trick than my more expensive electric razor

  • Gurty72 - and even wrinkles & fine lines ****Vegan formula with collagen producing Peptides

    So growing up, I never really had acne. Since going through premenopause I get the hormonal acne that has left these scars on my jaw line.