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Welcome to Prathista Organic World - We are suppliers of Amino Acid Mixture, Zinc Fertilizer, Copper Fertilizer, Magnesium Based Fertilizer, Potassium Fertilizer and Phosphorous Fertilizer in India.

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  • Carolina Gutierrez - I have only used a serum before, one of ...

    I have only used a serum before, one of those that you can only buy under prescription. An it work very similar to this one, the big difference is this one is easier to apply. I have been using it per 16 days and my eyelashes are thicker, they have grown some not very much but since I have thicker ones and new ones coming out they look darker and more noticeable.

  • DaveAgain - Good luck renewing it in a year.

    Last year, I bought Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (I originally mis-typed 2010) from Amazon, and have been getting messages from the system to renew or upgrade. Kaspersky seems to work, although the updates can be tediously slow. But that's just the software end.

  • Louis P. - Great budget 4K tv!

    I bought this tv when It was on sale for 399.99. First off let me say that I am More than satisfied with this, and that once you calibrate the picture it looks more like a 550-600 tv. I paired this with a new Xbox One S and 4K blurays look great on this, especially with the high dynamic range color support. I used the website called rtings to read product reviews for this, as they run multiple rigorous tests on a load of different tvs to provide a very scientific and accurate product review. I would recommend this to anybody who is looking for a 4K display for gaming, because the tv response time is one of the best in the entire 2016 4K tv lineup.

  • K. Nelson - Some fun dances, definitely meant more for a party game ...

    Some fun dances, definitely meant more for a party game than a workout. It is fun in a group since there are many dances with 2, 3 or 4 parts, unfortunately that means many are not as fun with just one person. I do like it, but not as much as my go-to dance games - I play it for variety. My major complaint is this game (compared to the many other dance games I've played) is SO hard to control. Using your hands to select things (even just "continue") sometimes takes forever - it seems as if it's trying to track anywhere but to where you want to go. And there aren't even good voice commands as backup, so I end up having to turn on the controller just to move on to the next dance - it's really frustrating. I've never had that problem with any of the dance central, experience etc games. The only other game we have that's difficult to control like this are the Just Dance kids games we own.