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PRE-PEN - Penicillin Allergy Testing - ALK Abello - Penicillin skin testing can benefit your hospital in many clinical areas including pre-op testing, infectious disease, ICU, ER and out-patient clinics.

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  • Amazon Customer - Recommended because it was long enough

    Was long enough for body postures and I liked the color. Some mats are too short in length for full body stretching in yoga classes.

  • Mrsteve4011 - (Old) Linksys CM100 vs (New) Linksys CM3008

    Great little cable modem for the price. I had an older Linksys CM100 DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem, which was great for its time, but needed to be replaced. I have Comcast who kept telling me to upgrade my cable modem, but I never listened for the longest time. Ran a few internet speed tests and I was getting 34-35 on DL and 8 on UL on the CM100. Now comes in the CM3008, hook this bad boy up, which is very simple, and call Comcast to give them the new MAC address for the new modem. After a half hour with a Tech, they inputted the new MAC address, registered the modem, and synced it. Got off the phone and ran another internet speed test and got 90 on DL and 12 on UL.

  • Eloise L. Smith - Hallmark 2011

    I was not pleased with this product I have owned an earlier version and it was much better. the cards were nicer. These cards were cheesy.I thought since its been a few years since I had purchased this product that the card would be better and more life like. They seem to contain a lot of cartoon cards. Disappointed.

  • snnoopy - Hotronic battery pack

    Great item for replacing only one battery. Of course after I replaced it I learned that if your batteries haven't been charged in months, you need to let them charge for at least 8 hours.

  • Billi - Beware of this Version

    I had Norton 360 and thought this would work, apparently not since it is for "Multi-Device", the validation code is 4 letters longer and you cannot use it to renew Norton 360 already on your computer. I guess I will have to unload my Norton 360 on all 5 computers and then load this version. Problem- the link will not take me to Norton's download site, Norton keeps giving me an error message and says try later. Makes you think that Norton is not being very user friendly