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  • Duane a. - Really a nice little charger -- but only worked for 5 charging ...

    Really a nice little charger -- but only worked for 5 charging cycles on three different vehicles. I bought it for the desulfating function. When it died, it really died. I got a year out of, so it is past sending back for a replacement. Even though it does what it is advertised to do, I wouldn't buy one for only 5 uses.

  • Amazon Customer - I think the charge indicator is more for show. ...

    I think the charge indicator is more for show. I went out with my 14ft deep v, with me and another fat guy, using my minnkota 30lb all the way up on 5 all day, 2 hours in the morning and evening without pausing. at the end of the day, it said my battery charge was still "high". and while i didn't have any signs that the battery was winding down, i know it shouldn't have read "high"

  • ChicagoLove - DOES NOT WORK WITH RUST-OLEUM in the new bottles

    If you have Rust-Oleum with the new bottle, which has a broader nozzle (UNLIKE the one in the photo for this product, which has the little "classic" spray piece) it will NOT fit your bottle. I'm not a Rust-Oleum/spray paint expert, but I THINK they chnaged nozzle on all of the new products. I may be wrong. Look at the nozzle and be warned.

  • Alex Cheng - So, So, Sooo Disappointed

    I've been thinking about getting a GoPro for YEARS now, and I was so stoked when I finally received my GoPro Hero3 (Black Edition) yesterday. Too bad my joy was very short lived. First off, the battery wouldn't seem to charge past 2 bars. Right out of the box the battery indicator was at 2 bars and even after charging the unit for over 3 hours, it still only had 2 bars. Secondly, the unit kept freezing up (meaning the unit was completely unresponsive). Although the WiFi LEDs were still flashing (so it wasn't completely frozen), I couldn't get into any menus, take any pictures or videos, or turn the unit off - the unit was basically bricked. I had to resort to yanking out the battery to get the unit to reset, and I had to do this every time the unit froze. Third, I couldn't get the unit to sync up with the iPhone/iPad app, even though I followed the instructions carefully and even watched a number of different YouTube videos on how to do this. Occasionally I could hear the camera's mic picking up sound through the iPhone/iPad app, but there was no preview picture, and I had no ability to start recording or enter any settings (thus I knew the connection was at least established). Interestingly enough, the iPhone/iPad app kept indicating that it could not find a WiFi BacPac on my unit (even though the Hero3 has WiFi built in, thus there is no need for the WiFi BacPac). Fourth, I couldn't get the unit to sync up with CineForm app either even though the camera was properly connected to my computer. Lastly, I also bought a Battery BacPac, which amazingly seemed to work, but the rubber inserts in the camera housing door fell out straight out of the box. Imagine expecting a Ferrari and getting a broken down Honda Civic instead... That's how I feel about GoPro right about now. I am so bitterly disappointed in my experience that I'm not even giving GoPro a second chance. If you are one of the lucky ones to get a perfectly working unit, great for you, but that certainly was not my experience.