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  • https://www.pupilum.com/curso-online-gestion-clinica Curso Online Gestión Clínica | Pupilum - Curso de gestión clínica en el que aprenderás los conceptos básicos, adquirirás herramientas y habilidades para el manejo de planes de mejora, de calidad, funcionales y estratégicos.
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  • Amazon Customer - Eye Opening

    Prior to reading this book, I had many gaps in my understanding of history, as pertains to the Royals getting control of nation. I was intrigued by the history and the pattern. We are in the midst now of the government and corporations united to get all control, and they have succeeded. I am recommending this all my friends who actually read and are concerned. We are in deep trouble and there is no time to remain clueless.......this book will open eyes!!

  • Terry - Garbage

    Apparently this works great for some and horribly for others. I was able to set it up and connect to my wifi, but when I try to use the functions such as scheduling and simply turning the device on and off with the app it will constantly disconnect and I get nowhere!!! Very frustrating, I will be sending it back. I really wanted this to work but all it did was waste my time.