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PWD Foundation, Inc. - The PWD Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to improve the quality of life and health of Portuguese Water Dogs through funding canine health research.

  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/donate-now/ Donate Now | PWD Foundation, Inc. - You too can make a difference and help us be able to carry on with our mission to improve the quality of life and future health of our Portuguese Water Dog companions. Your donation to the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation is appreciated.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/about-the-foundation/ About The Foundation | PWD Foundation, Inc. - In 1997, small group of PWD enthusiasts joined together to form the Foundation whose sole purpose is to support breed specific health research.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/our-funding-strategy/ Our Funding Strategy | PWD Foundation, Inc. - The Foundation’s funding strategy is on research projects that focus on diseases/conditions that will benefit Portuguese Water Dogs.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/financials/ Financials | PWD Foundation, Inc. - The PWD Foundation is focused on creating successful outcomes and we take our financial responsibility to donors seriously.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/newsletter/ Newsletter | PWD Foundation, Inc. - We want to keep you informed of our progress, our newsletter is published twice a year.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/funded-research/ Funded Research | PWD Foundation, Inc. - The Foundation supports research that can improve the quality of life and health of Portuguese Water Dogs.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/genetic-resources/ Genetic Resources | PWD Foundation, Inc. - Many genetic resources are available for the breeder of Portuguese Water Dogs. Our breed is fortunate to have several gene tests at our disposal for diseases that would otherwise be devastating to our breed.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/general-tributes/ General Tributes | PWD Foundation, Inc. - Through General Tributes to PWDs, we are able to fund health research focused on Portuguese Water Dogs.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/dedicated-tributes/ Dedicated Tributes | PWD Foundation, Inc. - Through Dedicated Tributes, we are able to fund health research focused on Portuguese Water Dogs.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/donate/ Donate | PWD Foundation, Inc. - Get involved, your donation helps us fund health research to improve the quality of life and health of Portuguese Water Dogs.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/shine-on-challenge/ Shine On Challenge | PWD Foundation, Inc. - Join us in the Shine On Challenge until we have the answers that will change the lives of dogs diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma forever.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/other-ways-to-give/ Other Ways to Give | PWD Foundation, Inc. - There are other several ways to give to support the Foundation; buy a calendar, annual donation to the PWD Pedigree Study Group, or shop AmazonSmile.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/project/prevention-canine-hemangiosarcoma/ Prevention of Canine Hemangiosarcoma | PWD Foundation, Inc. - Hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer in dogs is incurable partly because the cancer is detected at a very advanced stage when it is resistant to conventional therapies. 
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/project/measuring-chemotherapy-drug-resistance-in-dogs-with-t-cell-lymphoma/ Measuring Chemotherapy Drug Resistance in Dogs with T-cell Lymphoma | PWD Foundation, Inc. - Researchers will measure changes in circulating cancerous T-cells in dogs with lymphoma to gauge chemotherapy drug resistance and tailor treatments for individual patients.
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/dedicatedtributes/aviators-anchors-aweigh-anchor/ CH Aviators Anchors Aweigh | PWD Foundation, Inc. - Anchor was our great friend, companion and mentor. He taught us what a PWD should be. Above all, Anchor was our friend, our heart dog. 
  • https://www.pwdfoundation.org/privacy-notice/ Privacy Notice | PWD Foundation, Inc. - Your privacy is important to the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation, Inc. (“PWD Foundation”). This Privacy Notice describes the data we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your information.

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