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  • Alisa L. - Great upgrade for laminate countertops

    I recently used the "Java Stone" kit to update the stained white laminate counter tops in my kitchen. As other reviewers have stated, this won't fool anyone into thinking you've got stone or granite, but it's certainly nicer than the plain laminate we had before. "Upgraded laminate" you might say. The Java Stone is a much nicer color in real life than the color swatch on the box. It has almost a purple-brown hue to it in some lights, but I think it would compliment just about any decor. We have white cabinets with brushed nickel handles/pulls and stainless steel appliances. It looks good.

  • Bevie - This Stuff Saved My Marriage

    I suffered with recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis for 3 years. I lived on antibiotics to treat the BV then more antibiotics to treat the Yeast Infections from the BV antibiotics! Pure Hell!! My GYN made light of it and just kept writing the prescriptions. My sex life with my husband suffered tremendously. I did not feel sexy and I was always embarrassed about the odor that I just shut down our sex life completely. This caused a strain in our relationship and I became very depressed. My doctor recommended antidepressants...I burst into tears! No more medication...please!!! Thankfully one of the nurses at my GYN's office recommended that I purchase RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplements. She warned me that they were over the counter and pricey, but it was worth a try. I bought them and 5 days later there was no odor and no strange discharge. I have been using them for 8 months and I have had absolutely no odor or problems! Each purchase comes with coupons and Walgreens has them on sale periodically. I just stock up on them when they are on sale or order from Amazon.com when the price is right. Either way... using this product has saved my marriage!!

  • Amazon Customer - Caused skin breakouts

    I've taken b vitamins before, and they've left me nauseous and tasting them for hours afterward. The others were more than just b12 though, and as i am a pescatarian, i know that i need to get this vitamin elsewhere. I wanted to try a lozenge chewable for ease of use, so i tried this at the recommendation of my husband. It tasted good, no after taste, and was easy to take.