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  • Midori - I love Luvvie!

    The first time I discovered Luvvie was through a video she posted on Facebook that someone shared. The video was 30 minutes long and I thought to myself "I'm not about to listen to someone ranting for 30 minutes." However, I was bored and needed to waste some time, so I clicked on Luvvie's video. The time flew and I laughed the entire time. Luvvie has a way with words that is just impressive. I've been a fan of hers since then. No matter whether you have Luvvie in a video, on a blog post, or on a book, her way with words is what makes her AWESOME. I absolutely loved this book and laughed throughout the entire thing. This book isn't putting anyone down, it's telling us ALL that we can and need to do better. Luvvie's tongue my seem sharp, but she's harmless. If her words sting, then that's because YOU know that you need to do better!

  • JenBar - Low-impact, cheap alternative to real elliptical

    First, do not buy this if you're really expecting an elliptical machine--especially the type you'd find at a gym--but don't want to pay for one. This is NOT an elliptical, nor does it claim to be. It's a very simple machine.