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Corrective Eye Surgery and Treatment Information | ReclaimYourVision.com - Learn about Alcon, a leader in corrective eye surgery procedures such as LASIK, cataracts and advanced IOLs, at www.ReclaimYourVision.com.

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  • LaurenH - Relationship Goals

    Before reading this you should know that I would highly recommend these gummies as a gag gift for a friend. With out further a due:

  • mattkgk - Excellent for international students especially

    It helped me narrow down the schools I want to apply to. It was especially helpful to me as an international student since it tells how the schools are funded and if they have funding for international students

  • Paul L. - Great for Burt's Bees lovers...

    Our daughter has slight eczema and we decided to try this product as a friend recommended it and bought it as a gift for the baby shower. After using it I loved the smell it left after she finished her bath. Her hair smelled great till the next day and did not cause any eczema problems. Would definitely recommend to others especially if they like other Burt's bees products!! If you are not a fan of their products then would not recommend.

  • Kari Morrissey - the only thing that has worked so far!!

    I have used this product for some time now. I have gone off it at times when i have become complacent about my breath--but time and time again i continue to re order. It not only makes the breath 'not smelly'--but your breath will literally smell like strawberries after you have used it regularly for about a week. I used to never kiss my husband when we got married. I used to not talk alot around him as well--as my horrid breath would literally saturate and permeate the entire room! Now we kiss all the time and I feel so good about my breath it is like getting a confidence makeover! And I don't feel at all uncomfortable talking in 'close quarters'. I actually am excited to do so--because people will even comment--"your breath smells like strawberries" I am so proud of my fresh, sweet breath!

  • Nathan B. - Coffeemaking is not an exact science...

    Like previous reviewers have mentioned, these replacement K-Cup holders do not fit securely into the brewer. They do not snap-in tightly into place, which results in them occasionally popping out whilst removing used pods. Not a big deal. And, they sure work a lot better than no holder at all!

  • whshell - Excellent in spite of a minor design problem

    The item was delivered very promptly and worked exactly as stated. The reason that I gave it only 4 stars was that, after using 4 cans of the spray paint, the front lip of the tool broke as I was trying to remove it from the last can. It is a very tight fit over the can top and difficult to remove.