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  • Shawn - LeapFrog LeapPad1 Explorer

    We bought this for our 5 yr. old granddaughter who lives 2900 miles away from us. When we came to visit in the summer, she said it didn't work. My husband tried to figure out what the problem was and before we left we bought her a second cord to plug it into the wall. The next time we spoke to her and her Daddy, they told us it still wasn't working properly. Now, we are here and my husband is trying to figure out why? When it does work, it won't stay on. I'm very disappointed because we bought this after our nephew had rec'd one and he & his parents loved it! It has been very frustrating for our little granddaughter and we feel like we paid for a bad product. It turns out the a/c adapter plug in the Leapster itself had cracked and would not make good contact with the adapter's cord. The solution was to buy rechargeable batteries instead of trying to use the a/c adapter. Being a kid's toy it needs to have this area beefed up. Kids will accidentally jerk the toy by it's cord and this will crack the plug.

  • Bman. - Nice for the added immersion

    The Saitek panels are a great addon to help with the immersion into the simulator. I would rank the relative "need" factor of the three current panels as 1) Multi-panel 2) Radio panel 3) This panel, the Switch panel. This doesn't really detract from owning the panel because I look at these are all or nothing...you gotta have all three :) This one is just the least critical. You really 'set and forget' for 95% of the flight.

  • keyboardfreak88 - If you're serious about the LSAT, take a course

    I bought this book telling myself that I would hunker down and study without having to pay the seemingly exorbitant prices of test prep companies. I went through the entire book in two days, practice tests included. The "rules" that this book gives you are painfully inadequate for the actual test. I would be surprised if anyone's score improved at all after using this book. As mentioned by many other reviews, the point of a book or class is to provide basic rules that the LSAT follows. There really are only a few basic "types" of questions and this book gives you very little in terms of substance.

  • Busybee - Great for post workout burn

    Purchased this product to eliminate the post workout pain. It works like a charm and completely eliminates all muscle soreness! I love it!

  • Mollie - Worked ok on my chin, not my nose

    I purchased this mainly for the blackheads that I have on my nose and chin. I also get random breakouts on my cheek and hairline. I have used other household items such as hot compresses before squeezing, as well as bobbi pins. Both of those work decent, but when I saw a kit, and all of the options, I wanted to try it out. When it arrived, all of the tools were in a nice case, in their own section. The directions were nice because it told you which tool was for what kind of blemish. I do recommend that the tools themselves be labeled because I lost the paper (well my toddler hid it somewhere). So, now I guess. Before I lost the directions, I was able to use the white and black head tools on my chin and nose. My chin seemed to work ok, but nothing really helped on my nose. The tools are ok, and had I not gotten a discount, I would have been even more disappointed. Some worked better than others, but maybe my nose is just stubborn? Who knows.

  • ANYHONYMIS - Norton 360 2013 - 1 User / 3 PC

    Provides a single, comprehensive solution that protects you from threats, guards your files against loss, and optimizes your PC’s performance.

  • Katharine Jan Ferrell - Another great addition to the Krewe stories

    Actually I enjoyed this book more than the last several Krewe books. Charlie is a actress who see the dead, in this case civil war soldiers, who help her to stay safe and find the "bad guys". Ethan, the newest Krewe member, has a past with Charlie, and is eager to get the murders solved. The plot is predictable, but Heather Graham is a master story teller and this book is one of her best.