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  • J.W. Hendrix III - not for use on big screen TVs!!!

    cant even use this game, i have a 60" TV and the gun wont reach most of it. otherwise it might be fun, ill never know.

  • American Infidel - Nice sticker/decal, dresses up truck well. Ignore the one star reviews.

    Follow the instructions and you will not be disappointed. Comes with two decals anyway in case you screw it up, or want to put one somewhere else or another truck. Unless they got a defective product, not understanding the 1 star reviews. Most complain of it not sticking, not conforming to texture, or coming off after a few days. I am going to assume instructions were NOT followed. You have to use a heat gun or hair dryer, says so in bold print in the instructions. This activates the adhesive and causes the decal to conform tightly to every undulation and bump. So do not be an idiot, follow the instructions, and you will be very happy with this. Mine went on tight, conformed perfectly, and is not coming off weeks later.

  • OnlineShopper - Oragold is a scam product - except for high publicity ...

    Oragold is a scam product - except for high publicity, grand prices, sales pitch and high end display in store the product is nothing but cheap chemicals - don't put anything on your skin - check the ingredients - their is nothing special in this product then a normal product found in walmart or target for that matter. Clearly scam and exorbitant price

  • Diesel-Zero - Great console cover for the price.

    I bought this product to protect my center console from normal wear and tear for a decent price. I researched multiple options, prior to buying this cover, however, I was looking for a quick cover for a good price, not to replace my entire center console. I think it works excellent and is thick enough foam to be comfortable for a resting arm area still. I chose not to attach the double sided tape to my center console, just because it worried me that it would wear on my original leather console more. Due to this, whenever I have my doors and/or roof off of the Jeep I have to take it off and leave it at home, because it will easily blow off the center console. I think if you were to apply the double sided tape, you wouldn't have a problem at all with this, however, that wasn't my decision.